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The Happy House 
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Long time! No talk!
Wow, Crystal sooo glad to hear from you!Time goes by so fast. It dosn't seem Nate has been gone that long(I'm sure it seems longer to you).I don't think I could be ...
Pat   09-07-08
Long time! No talk!
MSN NicknameRedHatBillie   09-07-08
Long time! No talk!
Wow, When's the last time I was on here???  I was just on the phone with Billie and was talking about how me and her met on here and I told her I should probably give everyone an update on m...
MSN NicknameCrystal_n_nate0215   09-03-08
The HHH's Thread that won't end!
Hello HHH! ...
MSN Nicknamesutterbutte   05-17-08
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MSN Nicknamesutterbutte 09-20-05
A man who reads instructions!
MSN Nicknamesutterbutte 09-20-05
Grass ah la LEW05
MSN Nicknamesutterbutte 09-20-05
button side dishes
MSN NicknameLadyBuggin0901 06-15-05
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Lucy aka sutterbutte
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