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The MSN Groups service will close in February 2009. You can move your group to Multiply, MSN’s partner for online groups. Learn More
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People, we are moving!

One of these days MSN is gonna pull the plug and this group will cease to exist.

Post a message on the General board to learn how you can join us at our new home.
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To all members...............
Lesley created a new group in Aimoo back in November ©Jecakias? We didn't migrate t...
JohnBoy   01-22-09
To all members...............
Hey Lesley, did you migrate to Aimoo or just start a new spot in Aimoo?
MSN Nickname©Jecakias?/nobr>   01-21-09
To all members...............
©Jecakias? I know you and everyone are not happy about leaving but I'm sure if you give our new group a chance you'll soon get use to getting around and posting messages etc.It's not as hard ...
MSN Nicknamelanles0   01-19-09
Can't Get Into Aimoo Group
MSN Nicknamelanles0   01-17-09
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wonderful Christmas
MSN Nicknamelongjohn_ 12-28-08
MSN Nicknamelongjohn_ 12-24-08
The Deerslayer
MSN Nicknamelongjohn_ 12-24-08
MSN Nicknamegypsyjoy21xx 08-26-08
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