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The Poets' 
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Franz Kafka 1883 - 1924

Welcome our Spotlight Artist for Oct. 2008-Jan. 2009

Gravestone Detail, Translation:
[On] Tuesday, June 3, 1924 (1/2 Sivan 5684 on the Jewish calendar)
The glorious young man Anchel Kafka [Franz's Jewish name] passed on
Son of the respected Mr. Hanich Kafka [Hermann's Jewish name]
And mother Yettel Kafka [Julie's Jewish name]
May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.


Group Description
Touched by poetry, language is more
fully language and at the same time
is no longer language: it is a poem.
~Octavio Paz

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The Poets' Place Word Artist

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The Poets' Place est. August 8th, 1999

since 07/16/00:
since 07/10/03:

Susan Katz's Facebook profile

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Hi, Susan
Hi, Susan,  I think it is a great idea to move the whole thing to aimoo and then find a good format to continue.  I would not suggest waiting until February.  I am not sure what it...
gypsy   11-08-08
naked i was born just yesterday with no goal or purpose other than the unforeseen...
gypsy   11-07-08
identity crisis
yeah, i haven't learned the multiplicity thing yet. when i try to log in as snake it says it's already taken and doesn't like my email address either. i need some secret portal....
MSN Nicknamessnnakee   11-05-08
a tad  concentrated and dense for me i consider a pendulum and scales equaling out
DrLucky#4   10-31-08
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_susan_ 09-02-08
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MSN Nicknamessnnakee 08-01-08
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