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The Quiet 
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Should we transfer this group?
The location is set, I will now start the transfer of this group. I am unlocking the group and will lock it back up after it's done transferring.   Q ...
MSN NicknameShylyQ   01-09-09
Should we transfer this group?
Ok it's out of there, is there something else we should delete?   after the group is transferred, it is visible to everyone unless the entire Aimoo&nbs...
MSN NicknameShylyQ   01-09-09
Should we transfer this group?
yes there is a link to this group at QC I'll go delete it   We can transfer this group in a couple of days, so it won't be accessable for long. It...
MSN NicknameShylyQ   01-09-09
Should we transfer this group?
yes please   i was already thinking about copying everything we wanted to keep   that's great ... i have many groups that i cannot transfer ...
MSN NicknameTheMarEmm   01-09-09
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