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The Scientific Debate Forum.Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
What's New
  Disclaimer: Read this page first.  
  "Mission Statement."  
  Why the "germ theory" is not science.  
  The Underlying Cause of "Disease."  
  The Scientific Method.  
  How dangerous are bacteria and viruses?  
  The Contributions of Hans Selye and others.  
  How direct effects are often ignored, and indirect markers used  
  Understanding "disease" at the molecular level.  
  Understanding disease at the molecular level, part II.  
  What the "common cold" can teach us about illness.  
  The AA connection to today's common "diseases."  
  How easy the key experiments would be to do.  
  The best practical diet and the explanation for it.  
  Fish oil quotes you might want to read  
  Where the "immune system" fits into this view of "disease."  
  How many 'scientific studies' violate the scientific method  
  Why you have to be careful with antioxidants.  
  Why Cancers today are more aggressive than those of the past.  
  The Latest Evidence.  
  Some studies worthy of note.  
  HSWC "in action."  
  How language can impede science.  
  How language impedes science, part II.  
  More on why "germs" don't cause "disease."  
  How a latent virus actually causes "disease."  
  A new report that "says it all."  
  The science "show" must go on?  
  Odds and ends  
  Some thoughts on a book by Robert Gallo.  
  Saturated fatty acids are the solution, not the problem.  
  It's stress, not "germs" that causes disease.  
  Epidemiology: Facts versus "factoids."  
  It's stress, not germs, part II.  
  The latest on "inflammation."  
  Why many nutritional claims make no sense  
  The use of hypotheticals in science.  
  What "viral infections" really do to the body.  
  What determines longevity?  
  An example of an anti-"saturated fat" study that is flawed.  
  A Rough Guide to a Gentle Diet.  
  A unified "AIDS" hypothsis without "HIV."  
  A unified "AIDS" hypothsis without "HIV." Part II.  
  Okay, so when is this diet going to kill me?  
  Scientific Debate Forum Pictures  
  The EFA Claim Was Refuted Long Ago  
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READ THIS; Site is moving.
The old site is being faded out, and will be gone by the end of February. The new site is at URL is: http://thescientificdebateforum.aimoo.comOr go to and sea...
MSN NicknameHansSelyeWasCorrect   11-26-08
New Address for The Scientific Debate Fo...
I have moved the site to:aimoo.comOnce there, you look up the newsgroup called:The Scientific Debate ForumThe old material is saved. To access it, go to:http:/...
MSN NicknameHansSelyeWasCorrect   11-20-08
The "HIV/AIDS" debate.
This is a very good report about "HIV/AIDS," if you ignore the nonsensical idea that a "virus" is doing the damage (as it pointed out, it's an inflammatory problem). This report even demonstrates how...
MSN NicknameHansSelyeWasCorrect   11-18-08
HansSelyeWasCorrect's health issues & th...
The reason, I suppose, that many "experts" talk about sugar or something else that clearly makes no sense, is that they are unfamiliar with the literature, and won't "think outside the box," for whate...
MSN NicknameHansSelyeWasCorrect   11-18-08
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