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We operate as a "Public Restricted Site"
       Please state your e-mail address and gardening interests when applying to join 
Anyone not providing these will be denied membership

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Photo courtesy of Gilly
Welcome to The Virtual Garden, where you can meet other gardeners to help you make the most of your own plot wherever you live in the world.
From a patio tub to a mansion house garden, we have members from all around the world who are eager to share their ideas and experiences.

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Message for managers please..
SO! Who Deleted my Albums from here then???? Come on, Own Up!
MSN NicknameMrScaryTheScarecrow   11-11-08
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So I take it you gota join before u can post..Seeing as i been there n could not post! Do U use a different name or same un as here.
MSN NicknameMrScaryTheScarecrow   11-11-08
Sleeping Beauty
Noufie, I love this picture!!lololol,  That is complete surrender!! Bless his heart, he loves and trust you very much!! And Bless you for adopting...
MSN Nicknamekerimyth   11-11-08
I tried a Logitec keyboard and mouse (blootooth) what a pain in the proverbial. Kept having to change batteries in the keyboard but I do use my computer an awfu...
MSN NicknameBluesguy3   11-10-08
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Baby Hamsters
MSN NicknameSulkierTootsie 09-24-08
This is us
MSN NicknameDocjellybean 09-06-08
Our playpen
MSN NicknameDocjellybean 09-06-08
What big windows you have!
MSN NicknameDocjellybean 09-06-08
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