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USS IntrepidContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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This Day and Age
It was half way through alpha shift when Lt. Cmdr. Keyes turned to Captain Venger and said, "I've just heard back from Engineering, Captain.  They feel that everything has been worked out an...
MSN NicknameVenger4   01-12-09
This Day and Age
"Ensign Colus, you're just the person I wanted to see. We've gotten a lot of work done and I think we are ready to try some simulations in the holodeck. Think you are up to it?" "Sure I'll h...
MSN NicknameNick_Colus   01-05-09
Status of the USS Intrepid
Happy New Year everyone.  The new mission on the new site will start today as planned.  However, please help complete the mission here during the process.  Only a few more posts an...
MSN NicknameVenger4   01-01-09
This Day and Age
Breanna O'Malley was up and moving again about 5 hours after she had returned to her quarters.  For some reason, she couldn't sleep more than that.  It was probably the ship's current s...
MSN NicknameIntrepid_Npc   12-29-08
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Temporal Wake
MSN NicknameAwakened1ne 08-14-08
MSN NicknameAwakened1ne 08-14-08
MSN NicknameAwakened1ne 08-14-08
Tactical Display
MSN NicknameAwakened1ne 08-14-08
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