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We Initiate,
Es verdad... es MUY verdad!


Wrestling 2000 is a long standing e-fed with roots that date as far back as 1996, when it was one of the original email efeds. Now it's home is in MSN Groups, and the history only continues to expand. MSN is now helping to shape this profoundly rich history into a product that is both friendly and competitive for everyone. The new era of W2K starts here!!
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It deserves your taste!
Hi, its me.. Amy. I haven't heard back from you buddy ;) Where are you hiding?? Are you still interested in meeting up sometime? I'm not too far from you. Your message was great and I really liked you...
MSN NicknameCalantha9   12-21-08
Hook up for date a millionaiire!
Have you often thought about what it's like to live a life of comfort and luxury? Or maybe even fantasized about traveling to exotic locations, eating at the finest restaurants, wearing the most fashi...
MSN NicknameCalantha9   12-07-08
New site for W2K.
With MSN deleting, I decided to move us to a domain.   So here's the links. &...
MSN NicknameNeddy™GT   12-04-08
miss youuuu.
Such a whore... *sigh*
MSN Nickname♥ѕ±єƒƒαиı?łєıgh   11-27-08
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Ryan Cain
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MSN Nickname_ryan_cain_ 03-04-08
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