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Wolf RP 
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"What's 'wolf' in Tsalagi?"
"What's 'wolf' in Tsalagi?" I don't know if you'll ever get in the situation asking this. Nevertheless, it may interesting and fascinating to see ...
MSN Nickname¹³ẄћίŧзẄợłƒ¹?/nobr>   03-14-07
Moon Names
  Colonial Am...
MSN Nickname¹³ẄћίŧзẄợłƒ¹?/nobr>   03-08-07
Wolf Names
Lupin  ...
MSN Nickname¹³ẄћίŧзẄợłƒ¹?/nobr>   03-08-07
Wolf Names
Chinua  w...
MSN Nickname¹³ẄћίŧзẄợłƒ¹?/nobr>   03-08-07
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