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Wolves of the Yellowstone 
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  The Seasons  
  Wolf Ecology  
  Wolf Behavior  
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  Wolf Pup Development  
  Wolf Profile  
  Pack Ranks  
  Yellowstone National Forest  
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Application Form and Rules(Please Read B...
When Appling for a pack please let Managers give you the pack. There is a order that must be followe...
MSN Nickname¹³ẄћίŧзẄợłƒ¹?/nobr>   05-01-07
103 Wolf Factoids
(1) The wolf (Canis lupus ) / Order: Carnivore / Family: Canidae ...
MSN Nickname¹³ẄћίŧзẄợłƒ¹?/nobr>   05-01-07
The original reintroduced packs-
The original reintroduced packs- 1995- Crystal Creek (now named Mollie's Pack)Rose Creek (eventually renamed "Rose Creek II")Soda Butte (now n...
MSN Nickname¹³ẄћίŧзẄợłƒ¹?/nobr>   04-28-07
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