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Women And Men Ask WhyContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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8+ Years and Going Strong
18+ only 
Current Chat Topic
Come in and talk with other members, get advice, &
share your own stories.
**Fill out application when applying to be a member, no blank applications will be accepted.  Include a/s/l (age/sex/location).  Please try to have your profile complete to at least contain age sex and location, if you have problems with it, we will gladly help you.**
*Do you have a topic you'd like to talk about? Email the Managers to add your suggestion to the list.


Our goal is to have a community that is constantly growing, adding new members to our extended family here.  Like a family, we are here for each other, good times and bad, mourning defeat, and celebrating success.  Lending an ear or a shoulder when needed, and always a good place to relax, and have fun.  Come in, make yourself at home, and welcome to WAMAW!





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Je suis dumb....
oh, i use Firefox for posting- may be the issue...
MSN NicknameBlue_Skies_2day   01-07-09
Je suis dumb....
Hey all, If anyone knows how to troubleshoot my issue, I'll be so happy I'll hug ya! Yes I understand the issue this will cause- seeing that i can't actually give you a physical hug.Ok...
MSN NicknameBlue_Skies_2day   01-07-09
boards and chat please...       hi everyone
MSN NicknameAimlessnwv1   01-07-09
I remember when i use to sweet talk the shoelady to try to get fishing rights in her lake...Now i have my own backyard la...
MSN Nicknamejust_hugs   01-06-09
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MSN NicknameÄnnie?/nobr> 09-23-08
Teddy abuse
MSN NicknameÄnnie?/nobr> 09-23-08
Untitled Photo
MSN NicknameÄnnie?/nobr> 09-23-08
Untitled Photo
MSN NicknameÄnnie?/nobr> 09-23-08
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