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Xer's Cafe AmericainContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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To the Cafe Fam!  We are moving to Aimoo:
Go here and sign up for an Aimoo account; it's free.  Once you have done so, please drop a line in Cafe Chit-Chat so that we can add you over there by your Nic.  If you have your email posted in the Member list, you have been sent an email.  If your email isn't posted, you need to help us get you moved!!!  NEVER LEAVE A FAM BEHIND!
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KC Kitty & Alizarinred
Dang blast it!!   I filled in all the blanks properly and clicked "Submit".  Nothing happened...
KC Kitty   01-19-09
Happy Birthday!!!
WAT?!?   Wasn't Case a member here?   Didn't he post awhile back?  I had surgery on my knee, ...
KC Kitty   01-19-09
KC Kitty & Alizarinred
Please join the new Xer's Cafe Americain over at Aimoo. Jen sent us all invites, so check your e-mail. I think I accidently deleted one of Jen's e-mails recently, but since I did, and don't know ...
MSN Nickname_Xer   01-19-09
Welcome Message Complete...
Gryphon,   It will be marvelous to taka  hot shower, and to sleep in my own bed again... just not at the same time.  ...
MSN Nickname_Xer   01-19-09
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Inner Lights
MSN Nickname_piXerz 12-22-08
Where's my car?
MSN Nickname_piXerz 12-22-08
Nighttime Snowscape
MSN Nickname_piXerz 12-21-08
-Nailing- the snowoman context
MSN NicknameXerzstuff 12-18-08
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