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WELCOME!      This board is for those with many interests, including the stock market, humor, photos, hobbies, sharing artworks, etc.   This market is heavy, but we are light!   Several board choices allow you to skip off-topic conversations if you are in a hurry to find information.  Enjoy yourself and others here!

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Kiss the yellow line
  after 9 months the shitpile (djia, spx, nasdaq) now contains XOI , the oil index.......and I beleive GLD or gold should decend........I find it curious that all these animals ha...
bluesky   12-12-08
Kiss the yellow line
the 1000 dma of GLD.................the standard reference price since 1955   ...
bluesky   12-12-08
'Pay option' loans could swell defaults
'Pay option' loans could swell defaults New wave of defaults likely as risky loans reset to sharply higher payments By Joh...
MSN NicknameArmchairConstant   12-11-08
Regional split at root of auto vote
Regional split at root of auto vote Bailout foes from states luring foreign makers By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff  |  December 10, 2008 WASHIN...
MSN NicknameArmchairConstant   12-11-08
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Total AUD in gold
MSN NicknameWulfgar602 09-29-08
MSN NicknameCartman08 04-10-08
wulfie thinking
MSN NicknameWulfgar602 12-28-07
What is life
MSN NicknameWulfgar602 12-28-07
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