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Days Of Our Lives 2Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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DWTS 11-3
I thought everyone did a pretty good job tonight except for Susan Lucci. I am so tired of hearing her say, "Oh thank you." "Oh thank you very much."...
MSN NicknameShëryl   11-04-08
Nicole off to the slammer?
There is no more evidence against Nichole that any of the others...what a joke. Unless.........but wait! There's's all a trick to find the real ...
MSN NicknameELN2   11-04-08
A change of heart
She might get better if they both would fix their hair. Daniel, you are a Dr. while you are at the a surfer dude on yor own time.
MSN NicknameELN2   11-04-08
Nick heading for trouble?
I think maybe Nick is writing the notes to scare her. And then he can come in and be her knight in shining armor and she will become totally dependent on him. Men love that.Anita
MSN Nicknamemadicegoddess   11-04-08
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MSN NicknameShëryl 11-03-08
MSN NicknameShëryl 11-03-08
MSN NicknameShëryl 11-03-08
MSN NicknameShëryl 11-03-08
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