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DonzplaceContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Welcome, my friends. Post what you like, no little kiddies
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Time for a new one??
Hi Dee, yea, you told me so, LOL, but sometime's thing's arent as they seem.  still funny though. ...
MSN NicknameCany2   11-23-08
Time for a new one??
Good evening ladies, and welcome back Carol...I won't even say I told you so! (but I did didn't I???) lmao Just kidding you kid, I had to do it...
MSN NicknameSandi439   11-23-08
Time for a new one??
Ok, I got in to the new place, i'm all set !!  I just love  it !!  that is so nice over there !!  yo...
MSN NicknameCany2   11-23-08
Time for a new one??
hi again from here lol dee i almost did the same and forgot to come here but we must keep it going till we get it transferred to our new home .i did see your post and a...
MSN Nicknamejennyuk12   11-22-08
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Crystal, Fern, Ruth & Carol
MSN NicknameCany2 11-23-08
Crystal & Carol
MSN NicknameCany2 11-23-08
MSN Nicknamejennyuk12 10-18-08
The Nanny with the Quads!
MSN NicknameSandi439 10-04-08
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