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For those of you who don't know,
MSN is closing all of the groups
Feb. 21 2009.
We are starting a new group.
Here is the addy for it, so if you
 want to go with us, just click
on the link below and join us.
We will miss you if you don't.


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Hey Dar24
We also have a new member, I just welcomed her.   ...
MSN NicknameCarol_Marion   11-24-08
Dar24's Mailbox (TagPickup)
This is beautiful, great job Dar24.   ...
MSN NicknameCarol_Marion   11-24-08
Crazy bird
Actually Dawn the father is the one that helps keep the eggs and babies warm when the mommy is out of the nest. They usually fight with ...
MSN NicknameCarol_Marion   11-24-08
Gracie going to vet
prayers for you and Gracie!!!!i will be thinkin off u all!!let us kow how u make out with her!!!
MSN NicknameBeachbum1410   11-24-08
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MSN NicknameCarol_Marion 11-23-08
MSN NicknameCarol_Marion 11-23-08
MSN NicknameJudy_The_Fluffy_One 11-10-08
MSN NicknameJudy_The_Fluffy_One 11-10-08
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