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 Established: November 24, 1999.

Come on in and join us. If you have a question on guns and related topics, somebody here has the answer. We also stay up to speed on our GUN RIGHTS.

Manager: Lazarus


Make sure you visit our two gun related sites:

Manager: Gunrockets

Manager: Sarge

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  As everyone should know by now, MSN is closing down all the groups in February 2009. ...
MSN NicknameGunrockets   11-09-08
It's Official: MSN Groups To Close on F...
I think we can. Gun.  We have several months to do this.  Might even think about some kind of "Merger" for all three.......  course, they are kinda' dis...
MSN NicknameLazarusUsa   10-21-08
It's Official: MSN Groups To Close on F...
It's been a long fun ride Laz. I hope we can say the same about our NEW place. I hope THE GUN ROOM, FIREARMS1, and GUNOWNER can make the switch without too many problems.
MSN NicknameGunrockets   10-20-08
Firestar 9mm
I have one in .45ACP. Fine carry gun. Uncle Mikes sells a good nylon holster, you have many to choose from, almost all makers sell a holster that will suit you.
thom   10-19-08
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Yugo M70AB2
MSN Nicknamellamamax145 09-29-08
Savage group
MSN Nicknamellamamax145 02-01-08
groups with the Mauser and the Savage
MSN Nicknamellamamax145 02-01-08
close up
MSN Nicknamellamamax145 02-01-08
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