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my cousin Maries birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marie,what a lovely lady,so nice for her to have friends to live with.God bless her,lovely pics thanks for sharing them ...
MSN NicknameGlasgowLass7   11-12-08
won't be on much till thurs...
Now dangnab it anyhow, Phiddy.  I was planning a "get naked" party for everyone here in the gems.  Guess I'm gonna have to cancel it. ...
Raven   11-12-08
my cousin Maries birthday
What a wonderful story and thank you for sharing with us.  Looks like she has settled in quite well with the friends who love her.  She appears to be very happy....
Raven   11-12-08
my cousin Maries birthday
First ill tell you a bit about Marie. Marie and Max her brother were both born with MS. Max died when he was 42 of heart failour.  Her mom died last year of Alzsimers  she ...
MSN NicknameMaritimePatrica   11-12-08
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MSN NicknameNanafran3 11-07-08
MSN NicknameGlasgowLass7 11-06-08
MSN NicknameGlasgowLass7 11-06-08
MSN NicknameGlasgowLass7 11-06-08
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