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General : Barrett got in BIG trouble with Grandma and Grandpa...
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 Message 1 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboy  (Original Message)Sent: 1/4/2009 7:10 AM
Brandon and I were both busy and not home for most of the day today and Barrett spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa. Brandon's mom and dad decided they were going to take Barrett with them for a ride to go pick up some lunch. We've gone over the "rules" (always on a leash, not left in the car alone, not allowed to walk the parking lots especially in the winter -he gets salt on his paws and licks it off and gets explosive poops or finds trash and things to pick up) for taking Barrett places time and time again, and they regularly take him for rides so we have no problems with it. Well when I got home around 4:30, Brandon's mom informed me that Barrett was in his kennel and had been a very naughty boy! I figured all his usual bad habits, getting into stuff, not listening, going after the cat, etc. Nope, turns out he got loose in the front yard and took grandma and grandpa on a wild goose chase through the neighborhood! We have a fenced in backyard which is the only place Barrett is allowed to go without a leash, so getting loose never crossed my mind! Turns out that Brandon's mom had a slight 'senior moment' when putting Barrett's choke chain on him to take him out to the truck, and clipped his leash to the wrong loop so when he pulled back the collar got looser instead of tightening! So he decided he didn't want to get in the truck and pulled backwards and right out of his collar! He then took off across the street (thankfully its not a busy one!) into the neighbor's backyard and proceeded to run back and forth through about 5 backyards! He also managed to find a rabbit which he chased, caught, and then let go to chase it some more! Luckily one of the neighbors was home and brought their Golden Retriever to the back door to try to get Barrett to come up on their deck. It took three tries, but he finally stayed on the deck long enough for Brandon's dad to grab him! Had they not tried chasing him, he probably would have come right to them, but were so worried about getting him back that all their dog common sense went out the window and Barrett got in a good game of 'you can't get me!' Needless to say he was a VERY good boy the rest of the night once he got out of his kennel... He knew he was a bad boy... He's never been very good about 'come' or any other command when he's running "free" in the backyard, but obviously we need to do some re-training!!

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 Message 2 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknameelevenses0Sent: 1/4/2009 3:48 PM
Oh, Annie! I know your in-laws were just terrified when Barrett was running around! All sorts of horrible thoughts go through your mind during times like these! Congratulations to all that no one was hurt during Barrett's Day Off.

Marty (and Genny)

 Message 3 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameGracienmommaSent: 1/4/2009 5:05 PM
OMG sorry but thats funny only because it has happened to me too many times. Graice gets on the other side of little cars and does the haha I'm going around the other way cause I can see you coming, or if she sees my neighbors down the street she will run and just go sit with them but if I don't have patience to chase her I just tell her ok I'm going in and she just looks like ohh poop I wana go in and comes running, if that doesnt work I start running away and tell her she can't catch me.

 Message 4 of 6 in Discussion 
From: highsierraSent: 1/4/2009 7:55 PM
Hi Annie,
I can really relate to how freaking they must have been.  It's happened to us several times over the years and your first thought is terror they are going to be hurt.  When Modoc took off after the deer absolutely none of his training mattered until he had his fun, deer was gone and then he remembered the word "come", lol.
Glad he's OK.  Guess grandma and grandpa got more exercise then they had planned on for the day, lol,

 Message 5 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboySent: 1/5/2009 1:04 AM
Lol, given that its all in the past now and I know Barrett is safe, I do agree its kind of amusing! Just don't tell Brandon's parents that!! Both Grandma and Grandpa kept reminding Barrett last night that he had given them their exercise for the next 3 weeks! I felt a little bad because apparently Brandon's dad dove to try to grab him one of the times he ran past them and tweaked his bad back...again... but at the same time we are all slowly losing sympathy for him and his back as he keeps insisting on doing things (like diving after the dog!) that he knows will make it hurt again! Barrett pulled the same stunt with Brandon and I once when he was about 9 months old, but he was a little dumber then and didn't realize that if he came to get the treat we weren't just gonna let him go run again! He was much smarter this time! I'm almost certian he'd eventually come home when he got tired and lonely. He's too much of a wuss to be out free on his own. Heck he dang near broke down the door when I left him in the house alone while I went to back my car out of the garage and park it on the street about a month ago! And like I told Brandon's parents, everyone in the neighborhood knows him and who he belongs too, and if they didn't know and tried taking him to a vet they probably would have taken him to the closest vet to the neighborhood which is our vet and everyone there knows Barrett so they would have just kept him and called us. And worst case, he's microchipped, and all the vets in the area are very familiar with the system and will check a lost dog first thing! Brandon and I laugh about it now... as long as Grandma and Grandpa aren't near by!  

 Message 6 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamealwaysbe_nice2Sent: 1/6/2009 10:08 AM
Oh Barrett you have had some excitement today, you gotta look after Grandma & Grandpa coz they givs you treats - don't wear them out yet, you might need them!! LOL

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