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General : grr I had to bite my tongue so hard I almost bit a whole in it
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 Message 1 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameGracienmomma  (Original Message)Sent: 1/7/2009 1:21 AM
I had to go pick up a guy from the airport today and he was russian well we talked about dogs and he proceeds to tell me how he has a 6 mo old 150lbs male dane and a 4 mo. old female the weight was a little incredible but he then proceeds to tell me exact quote "I don't know how to train them so they just stay outside on a run line" I didn't say much just that since he just moved to Texas that it is a little hot here to have the dogs stay outside all day but I didn't harp on it because I knew he was going to spend 30k with us so I couldn't really go off on him the way I wanted to.

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 Message 2 of 10 in Discussion 
From: highsierraSent: 1/7/2009 5:11 AM
Hopefully you'll be able to stay in contact due to the Dane connection and gradually
bring him along with the training issues and in-house issues.  Yes I*'d be ticked too,

 Message 3 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameClydesMommySent: 1/7/2009 3:11 PM
Would you be uncomfortable offering help in teaching him about Danes since you have them and much experience to help him with? Seems he would be thankful for help and guidance. IMO.

 Message 4 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameDangerousGuardianDragonSent: 1/7/2009 4:12 PM
It's possible that his 6 month old weighs 150......we call that a 'walking coffee table', so a diet is probably in order.
Did he move here from Russia with the dogs or just relocated to another state within the U.S.? 
Sounds like in his own way he is asking for your advise and guidance.  Approached the right way I am sure you can help him out and he would be more than grateful.

 Message 5 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameClydesMommySent: 1/7/2009 4:55 PM
First response is anger, but then he said he didn't know how to train them, so that is your cue to offer help. This is a great opportunity for you to become closer and very helpful to your client. Keep us posted. He will be most appreciative and it sounds like a win-win situation.

 Message 6 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameGracienmommaSent: 1/8/2009 4:08 AM
What I meant by biting my tongue was my instinct was to say
But I did inform him that it does get extremely hot down here and they really need to be inside dogs he needs to work on potty training, or crate training so he can bring them in. I also informed him that they are VERY smart and how its never too late about how Tank is a year and a half and in one week he peed in the house twice and has not done it since, and also learned the hand signals for sit and down.
He then informed me how he has them on a tie because its new property, no fence not even a house yet, and that they are out there because they have had some issues at the property. But he is putting a mobile home out there but he still didn't think he could train them for the house. He as of yet has no plans to convert them to house dogs.  I then told him how he can at least put a dog house out there for them. He then told me they have a container out there that some one broke into and stole a bunch of mechanical equipment and he said there is electrical run to the container for light so I sugested putting some beds in the container and a fan or something. He said he got them because he had one as a child back in russia he has been here 15 years and looked all of 30 so I'm guessing he moved here sometime in high school. He lives WAY out in the country they are 1.5 hours from the nearest town with a full grocery. And 2 hours from the nearest town with a petsmart(I asked for training classes) I told him to check with his local feed store there should be someone locally to help him train the dogs. I gave him advice and talked calmly to him I really wanted to pull over the car and throw him out right on the freeway.

 Message 7 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameDangerousGuardianDragonSent: 1/8/2009 6:11 AM
I definitely understand your frustration, forgive me for LOL about throwing him out on the freeway.
You gave him some great advise and hopefully it will be beneficial to him.  His location makes it a bit more difficult, but I am sure there is a way for him to attain assistance in training.  Having two young ones like that is going to be a real hand full by the time they reach their 'teenage' period.  Then he will also have to deal with size and antics.
I hope he will feel comfortable enough to contact you with any questions or advise he may need in the future and will find that keeping them indoors and crate trained would be a great advantage for him.  They are not hard to housebreak. 
Like you said they are very intelligent, he just has to be smarter than they are or they will take over.  Alpha position is very important with any canine, discipline, guidelines and structure is what they expect and need to become the best they can.  That applies to all be it small or large.  But with the large and giants it is a must  to start very early because of their adventual size and power.  An out of controlled large or giant is an 'accident' waiting to happen.
I think you handled it very well.......though I am still LOL about the 'throwing him out on the freeway'
Keep us informed on how the saga progresses.

 Message 8 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamealwaysbe_nice2Sent: 1/8/2009 12:08 PM
I think you were very diplomatic Graciesmomma, well done. If he is new to the area maybe he is looking for some new friends and as he is living a long way from everything he might like to come visit us on this board and that way he will learn somethings too, that will help him or more importantly his Danes.
Just a thought.

 Message 9 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameGracienmommaSent: 1/8/2009 5:08 PM
I told him about the room but he lives out in the boonies by the TX mexico border so no where near for me to be able to check on these sweet babies.

 Message 10 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameMaggienTommysmomSent: 1/8/2009 6:44 PM
I thought that the danes were suppose to train us!  Boy have I been played?

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