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General : Question RE: Farting/Anal Glands
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 Message 1 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamesunshine15990  (Original Message)Sent: 1/8/2009 6:52 PM
Okay here goes....
Need your thoughts on this.  Everett has normal, solid stools.  I've noticed for the past weeks or so that on occasion I'll find him scooting or licking his bum a bit.  He's been a bit gassier these past couple of days, but I know that daddy will give him bites of whatever he may be eating as well, so that could be the culprit there.  Last night, it's late and I pull the blankets back to get into bed, Everett farts, but some anal "juice" escapes onto the bed as well.  Never had that one happen.
What do you make of that?  Think I need to have them looked at to see if they need to be expressed?  I've tried to do that before and can never manage, not because of the grossness factor, just because I can't manage to do it.

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 Message 2 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamedaisydukedaneSent: 1/8/2009 11:45 PM
I have heard (but can't confirm if this is true) that once you start expressing anal glands, you will always need to regularly do.  My Zuul had an infection in his anal glands.  His rear smelled really awful and he had some kidney red colored discharge.   It took two antibiotics to get it cleared up.  He was contantly licking his rear and just smelled bad.  After that though, when he would poop, he would always have a poopy butt when he came in and I had to wipe it each time. Dirty job for mom.   
I would get it checked out though just in case of infection.  

 Message 3 of 6 in Discussion 
From: highsierraSent: 1/8/2009 11:52 PM
I guess I've been lucky but have never had a dog with an anal gland problem so can't be of much help,

 Message 4 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboySent: 1/9/2009 6:15 AM
We get Barrett's done whenever he gets a bath (he goes to the groomer cuz he doesn't fit in any of the tubs in the house and its too cold 9 months out of the year to give him one outside!) Usually they can get them with no problems and it doesn't need to be done again until he needs another bath - usually about every 3-6 months depending on the season. However, he was on some antibiotics up until about a month ago for his funky nail on his back foot which gave him soft poops. Since then (even now, a month after we've stopped the meds!) he's CONSTANTLY licking his butt to the point that its raw and red at the base of his tail and "surrounding areas". He's never been one to scoot across the floor (knock on wood!).  He also has a 'puffy' area between the top of his butt and the base of his tail. After he gets them expressed its totally flat and normal looking, and when he starts licking constantly again, without fail, his butt is puffy again! Other than the licking and the irritation he doesn't have any problems. We've been debating on giving him a little pumpkin with his meals just to firm things up a little and see if that clears it up. I would try to get Everett's expressed just to see if it helps the problem. It really can't hurt it any! I don't know that I would go through the hassle and extra expense of having the vet look at him just yet. I'd just take him to a groomer (we have one at our vet that Barrett goes to) and have them give it a try. They'll know whats normal and what isn't. If they can't get them to express or have any concerns about it, then I'd take him to the vet. Brandon and I both agree that we would gladly pay someone else to do it instead of trying to do it ourselves! But then again, neither of us can stomach the smell of anal glands very well and we'd have an even bigger mess to clean up after we've both puked on the floor!  Good luck and I hope you find a quick fix for Everett's bum problems!

 Message 5 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamesunshine15990Sent: 1/9/2009 5:06 PM
I have a wonderful friend, who tutors my daughter that we see on Thursday's and Everett goes with us because he has three danes so they have a playdate every Thursday.  He used to breed, show etc......
He expressed them for me .  Got about a tablespoon or so he said from his bum.  So we'll see how he feels now.

 Message 6 of 6 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboySent: 1/9/2009 6:51 PM
Lol, Big dogs, big butts, big "mess"! I'm gonna guess he'll be feeling much better now!

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