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General : Barrett and his 'name sake'
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 Message 1 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboy  (Original Message)Sent: 1/20/2009 6:23 PM
"What are you and why do they keep calling you my name!?"
"Daddy, what IS this thing?! And can I just have my treat now..."

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 Message 2 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamekarmel3Sent: 1/21/2009 12:31 AM
Holy crap that is a big gun!  That isn't a hunting rifle is it?  Dear god it looks like it could take down an elephant- and that would suck!  Big dog big gun indeed!  Cheers.  Mel

 Message 3 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameGracienmommaSent: 1/21/2009 12:49 AM
LOL Barrett your daddy and my hubby would have allot of fun. Hubby is freaking out cause he transfered funds and is having to wait to get his AR out on friday when the funds hit. LOL Anyway he is getting a S&W but he aslo has a 300 weatherby, a weatherby shot gun, a desert eagle 50 cal, Ruger P90 45, a Baretta 9, a 357, a bersa 380(really mine), and a 22 long rifle. People always say holy cow you have an armory and our response is always some people collect stamps, or coins and we collect guns! lol anyway but tell your daddy that is a very nice toy and there is nothing wrong with naming the ones you love after the things you love, thats why if we ever have a boy his name will be Colt Remington Ward

 Message 4 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboySent: 1/21/2009 6:04 PM
Lol, don't ya just love when they have to wait to get their "toys"... Brandon has a long list of guns he wants to get... As if he doesn't have enough already! I think he's up to 11 now... I stopped counting a long time ago! It doesn't help any that he works for a company that distributes firearms and other hunting/outdoors supplies to big name and local retailers like Gander Mountian, Cabelas, etc. so he can get things at cost. He has basically the same gun that Barrett's named after, but its not an actual Barrett. Apparently the Barrett 50 cal is the "Cadillac" of 50 cal guns. Handguns are the only guns that brand names make a difference to me...  Probably cuz they are the only guns I handle regularly! Rifles are big and awkward and kick my butt no matter who makes them! And yes Mel, some people use them for hunting. I don't understand why since it leaves a pretty good size hole in whatever it hits, but then again some people don't get why Brandon paid so much money on a gun like that to shoot it at paper targets!  The owner of the company Brandon works for actually went sheep hunting with a Barrett 50 cal and accidently took down 6 sheep with one shot! He was aiming at one and didn't realize that there were 5 more standing directly behind it! He took the shot and 6 sheep fell like dominos! He wasn't too happy that one shot was the start and end of his hunting that day since he exceeded his limit!
PS, Brandon wants to name his first child Bushmaster Armor-lite Sanders... I like your choice of names better! I keep telling Brandon he better be kidding! I'm still not totally convinced he is kidding!  

 Message 5 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameGracienmommaSent: 1/22/2009 3:12 AM
LOL yeah my hunny isn't totally convinced on remington he is afraid the kid will get bullied for the middle name. I love Colt especially since it was the original handgun produced in the united states lol we watched a special the other day. I still remember how terrified I was the first time I picked up a gun and now they are like second nature lol. I showed Stephen the pics and he started to drook he was like thats what I would get if I could but he said he now realizes that it will probably be a long time before he is able to legally purchase one agian. Granted nothing has happened yet but all the speculation that has been going on for a while. I'm sure you have heard it too. LOL we are currently teaching his aunt and Grandma how to handle their bersas they both bought 380s just like mine its not a great gun but its a decent brand but my favorite thing is its a GREAT purse gun its flat and compact, we took all the hand guns over to his grand mothers for her to pick which one she wanted

 Message 6 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameGracienmommaSent: 1/22/2009 3:23 AM
oh yeah I forgot that Stephen uses his 300 weatherby for his hunting rifle. He has video of the first deer he used it on and it was WAY more than what he needs and then his last deer basically snuck up on him and he had his 9mm hand gun on him incase he happen to walk up on hogs well he was sitting underneath a tree and heard rustling all morning all around him figured it was hogs, well then as the sun came up about 20 feet in front of him was a seven point buck he said he had no choice he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn that close with the rifle since its sighted in for 100yds so he ended up using the 9mm and unloaded a full extended clip of the n only 3 actually hit one righ behind the shoulder one in a hoof and one in a butt cheek so we have been jocking that they need to be carefull with him cause he'll bust a cap in his u know what lol. That is too funny about the sheep though but I believe it

 Message 7 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboySent: 1/22/2009 5:50 AM
Lol, remind me to never go hunting with your hubby... or atleast remind me to put a metal bowl over my butt!  Yeah, I hear about the new possibilities and the speculations... There's some good ideas and possibilities behind it all, but I'm not so sure that it will be able to be executed the way everyone is expecting it to happen given all the hoops they'll have to jump through to get there. Gun laws are one of those things that I don't hold my breath over... Just like abortion laws, taxes, etc. They are so tricky to get right, always changing, and you can never please everyone. Someone, somewhere will always be making a new law, challenging an old one, protesting a change... We'll see what happens, but I'm trying not to get too worked up about it yet until I see it actually in action. Its just a lot of talk right now... However, all the talk has people freaking out and buying up guns and ammo like mad men (and women!) which means Brandon has been working 12 hour days 6 days a week to try to keep up with the demand. The day after the election they had over $2 million dollars in sales (keep in mind they sell to the big name stores who buy guns like 10 at a time!) just that day and haven't been able to keep up with the demand yet... The paychecks are wonderful, but I'd rather have less money and more job security... Needless to say, we're all pretty much crossing everything we've got that any new laws don't cause Brandon to lose his job!

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