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General : Gus - sooky sooky la la face pic :)
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 Message 1 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamealwaysbe_nice2  (Original Message)Sent: 1/25/2009 9:31 AM
Check out this face LOL - not mine (I'm trusting you all not to look at me LOL.) It was breakfast time and my boy was so sooky - I just love his eyes in this pic. Neither of us had put our make up on yet hehe. Then hubby wanted in on the cuddles - I got poked in the eye LOL
 gus and mummy poke in eye.jpg   gus and mummy 2yr and 2 weeks.jpg  

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 Message 2 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameDangerousGuardianDragonSent: 1/25/2009 3:20 PM
What a lover, that first pic shows the wonderful bond between the two of you.  Now the one with hubby looks like maybe hubby helped out a bit with the nose in the eye!
Great pics.....great looking family!

 Message 3 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBarrettsmyboySent: 1/25/2009 6:13 PM
Awww... I love Mr. Gus man pictures!! Super cute!

 Message 4 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknameelevenses0Sent: 1/25/2009 6:24 PM
Oh, Be, I just want to kiss his sweet face!

Marty (and Genny)

 Message 5 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamesoapie-girlSent: 1/25/2009 7:44 PM
I love his chops!!!!!  He is so handsome.  And, I cheated, and looked at you.  You look happy.  Happy doggy and happy mommy.  :)

 Message 6 of 8 in Discussion 
From: highsierraSent: 1/25/2009 7:52 PM
Oh those are so cute.  I just love Gus.  Can't get enough stories and pix of him

 Message 7 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamedaisydukedaneSent: 1/25/2009 10:31 PM
You just got to love those big mushy jowels of his!!!  What a sweetheart .. you can just see it in his eyes    That picture is a keeper!!!  I agree, I think hubby poked you in the eye with Gus' wet nose.  Poor Gus, he probaby got blamed for it too!!
Great pictures Be!!

 Message 8 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamealwaysbe_nice2Sent: 1/27/2009 8:05 AM
LOL your so right hubby was behind the eye poking LOL. Thanks for your lovely comments all :)

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