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Madeleine McCannContains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.[email protected] 
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Facts : Details That Make You Go 'Hmmmmm'
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 Message 1 of 1 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknametin-lizzy  (Original Message)Sent: 2/10/2008 10:21 PM

Many of these details may / may not have a specific source, but they have been widely references and discussed...

In a court of law the McCanns must be determined as Not Guilty...

In public opinion not everything needs to be 100% sourced to indicate truth.

Its up to the individual to determine whether details are relevant or outrageous...

Opinion is not up for scrutiny by others...It is the right of the individual alone for whatever reason to make the choices they do.

We are not accountable to explain our opinions as some opinions are not determined by fact....more by perception.

Puzzle pieces may not in themselves be relevant but they make up the overall picture even if a few pieces don't fit...

Here are some of the puzzle pieces....Each individual has the right to determine which details they feel 'fit' the big picture and even if wrong in a few cases the 'picture' is still apparent.


  1. Well respected cadaver dog Eddie finds 'corpse' scent in rental car three weeks after Maddie went key fob...on Kates jeans...on cuddlecat...on opened bible
  2. Key witness (waiter) leaves country (known by PJ)
  3. DNA found in wheel well of rental car
  4. Conflicting accounts of that night
  5. Jemmied window claim ...Kates 'reasoning' for abduction..Untrue..According to Martin Brunt, Lichen undisturbed.
  6. Phone tappings and triangulation placing Gerry in a place he denied
  7. Gerry has already set up the 'reasonable doubt' issue...
    "....Beneath his unflinching exterior, Gerry was in a state of turmoil and fury. “We
     are being absolutely stitched up by the Portuguese police,?he had told a friend
    after his wife Kate had earlier been named a suspect after hours of
    interrogation. “We are completely f*****, we should have seen this coming
    weeks ago and gone back to Britain.?...."
  8. Heavy duty PR support and legal and financial backing before being made arguidos.
  9. Russel O'Brien (in 5B) changing sheets with 'housekeeping' not being notified.
  10. No firm confirmation of Maddie being sighted on the third.
  11. McCanns refusal to answer questions from the beginning, as well as once becoming arguidos.
  12. Eagerness to publish 'eye' pic despite advice from PJ that it may compromise Maddie's safety if she was with paedophiles.
  13. Vatiican removing 'Maddy' from their website before they became arguidos.
  14. Brian Adams asked them to not use his song
  15. Many people 'jumping ship'
  16. Metodo 3 incompetance along with extortionate fees
  17. Spin to counteract accusations or to deflect from something negative.
  18. Anonymous letter entry in Gerry's blog BEFORE publication in the Telegraaf and subsequent deletion of entry that was in quotes and highly suspicious.
  19. Pamela Fenn statement about 'Daddy Daddy' that may have been 'Maddie Maddie (hence the denial of calling her Maddie?)
  20. Robert Murat as fall guy until established that David Payne looked similar...then all is quiet.
  21. Apparent CCTV camera showing three people, held by the PJ who continue to believe the McCanns are involved and may know WHO is on the film.
  22. The 'stand alone' evidence stated by the police.
  23. Enough evidence to warrent a judge permitting three months extention on arguido status
  24. The reason for Gordon Brown to 'prepare the public' in his visit to Portugal at the time the DNA results were intercepted by Britain before being sent to Portugal.
  25. Stories of fibres in the barn that match the Renault Scenic
  26. Stories of items from the flat being found in the barn ...
  27. Docmac's info about a Tapas1 having broken ranks and given a statement
  28. The rest of the Tapas 9 and their children went to the beachside restuarant for dinner on 3rd May but kate and gerry stayed at their apartment
  29. One of the McCanns' friends is reported to have said that others in the group went there to feed the children before putting them to bed, although the McCanns were not there..
  30. The immediate cry of abduction - that has never been satisfactorily explained
  31. Gerry's insistance during calls to family members, that it was important for them to accept it was abduction

to be continued.....

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