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Madeleine McCannContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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M F Threads : MF - That Offending Letter from MEP Roger Knapman
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 Message 1 of 1 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknametin-lizzy  (Original Message)Sent: 2/14/2008 10:44 PM


Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:54 pm    Post subject: That Offending Letter from MEP Roger Knapman


I'm sure you've all read that wonderful diatribe from the offices of Roger Knapman MEP, UKIP South West. Actually, it was penned by Piers Merchant in the absence of Mr. Knapman, but he does state that he is writing on behalf of Knapman.(If the S++T DOES hit the fan over this particularly gruesome response, then it will matter not one jot whose name was on the e-mail).

As already stated, I have absolutely nothing to suggest that the e-mail was fabricated and to all intent and purposes this post will treat it as being factually accurate. Hopefully, dependent on what responses are further illicited by the Journo's now working on this will determine whether it sees print or not.

In the great scale of things, the response is fairly inconsequential. If it is proven, it will simply be castigated as the mad ramblings of a boring, UKIP MEP's right hand man, sat around twiddling his thumbs and wreaking his personal, pent up frustrations on the musings of a hapless constituent.

BUT, if it DOES see print, then its REAL purpose will serve to further propagate the notion of Government complicity in the Madeleine McCann case, and this idiotic 'assistants' words will be deemed by many to be representative of OTHER Politicians in this country, especially the awful, xenophobic tones adopted when discussing Portugal.

As to the letter itself, I feel somewhat culpable so I am going to respond to it as I would were I to be the recipient. I am not going to reproduce the whole letter, but simply address the KEY parts of it.

"First I should advise you, for your own good, to be very cautious about circulating potentially high libellous statements about Kate and Gerry McCann."

Fair comment. Sue me. I didn't accuse the McCanns of anything. Merely repeated what the Portuguese Press have stated. Bit like our daily papers do, actually.
"Secondly your suggestion that the Prime Minister is involved in some sort of conspiracy involving a clandestine cover-up is absurd. It is a wild allegation with no evidence at all"

I didn't suggest that the Prime Minister is involved in a cover up. I stated that the Portuguese and many people here in the UK believe the Prime Minister may be involved in some clandestine activity, or extending privileges and advantages that he would not proffer to other people in the McCann’s situation.
"One of the first duties of the British government is to support its citizens abroad. It is therefore entirely correct that the government should do this in the case of Kate and Gerry McCann."

It may well be entirely correct but given that this is THE VERY FIRST TIME THAT THEY HAVE, it is rather suspect. I can't recall the last time the UK Government Media Monitoring Director spent so much time, energy and resources for a hapless Brit. In fact, there's quite a few Brits locked up in hell Holes in Saudi Arabia that could do with Clarence's help, especially given that they were jailed on false charges. (even though I understand that in helping them, it could well screw up a Multi Billion Pound Arms contract that we enjoy with our Arabian cousins)
"One of the elements of this support is to protect British citizens against the actions of foreign governments"

Foreign Governments?? Portugal is amongst our oldest and most faithful allies, dating back to the Middle Ages!
"The Portuguese police and judicial system is known to be suspect"

Unlike the UK police and judicial system. As in the Stephen Lawrence case. As in the 'Hutton' Inquiry.
" The Portuguese judicial system does not assume innocence before guilt in the way the British system does and operates an interrogatory process in which people are denounced as suspects without any proof."

Ah, so you googled the Cipriano case.............
"10 different people have at one time or another been denounced as suspects"

Sorry, I'm only aware of 3. 2 of which happen to be the McCanns. Or is that libelious?
"In any event I think you can rest assured that the British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts of this case than the Portuguese police"

Yes, more's the pity. Do you think they might pass those 'facts' on so that they can become part of the Judicial Process?
I do not wish to comment, personally, on the remainder of the vicious, despicable attack on the Portuguese. Except to say that I now fully understand why Tony Parsons can so confidently write what he does without fear of reprisal.

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