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Polycystic Kidney disease chat & 
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Polycystic Kidney disease chat & community

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Fantastic support group!!! Over 3000 members.We have VERY active message boards. You MUST choose to read all messages ON the boards, NOT your INBOX!! If you have a RED STAR next to your name you will NOT be accepted for membership! It is to confusing for posters on the boards. You MUST select to read messages ON THE WEB SITE!!! And also have a valid email address also. We go by our first names and not some strange screen name. We are set to Restricted so as to keep our site clean and safe as we are a family site. We apppreciate your understanding with what we are asking.
Thank you!

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polycystic Kidney disease , pkd , kidney disease ,ESRD,transplant,dialysis,pkd support

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