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Superior oblique 
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Welcome to SOMPeople©

Please join us at our new home:

Profile creation and joining instructions here:

If you are a current or returning member of SOMPeople, we would love to have you apply to our new site.  When doing so, please identify yourself as a current/previous member, supply your valid e-mail address so that we can compare it to the information you have previously given to us, and we will get you started there right away.  You should also be able to use your current nickname at our new site.

If you are new applicant to our support group, please follow this link for instructions on how to create a profile at Yuku and make application to our site:

Our site information has been archived at Multiply. 
In time we will cull the best and most useful from our past
eight+ years here at MSN, but you are welcome
to noodle around there as you like. 
However, we will not be accepting memberships there.

This is a support group for people (SOMers) who
have been diagnosed with 
superior oblique myokymia (SOM). 
As we always say, "You're not alone!"
Take a look around, peruse our documents
and the message board. 


If you have been diagnosed with superior oblique myokymia, and would like to become a member, become familiar with the guidelines and links 
on our Home page.

If you have not been diagnosed with superior oblique myokymia, but simply feel that your symptoms could be SOM, you still need to go, no, run, to a doctor to obtain a diagnosis for your problems.  SOM symptoms are very similar to many other, much more serious illnesses, diseases, conditions or disorders, and you, absolutely, positively, must use the proper diagnosis procedures to eliminate these other medical issues.

 If you feel that we are a good match for you, click on the "Join Now" link (at the top left of this page) and we will respond as quickly as possible. 
For assistance with joining,
instructions may be found on this page:
•How to join

  Applicants will be contacted by e-mail, so please make sure that, depending on your protection system, you check your bulk or spam folders if our message to you does not show-up in your inbox. 
We generally respond to your
application within a few days.

 Thanks for stopping by!

Sorry, but here comes the Small Print...

This site provides general information for people with Superior Oblique Myokymia, and any and all information contained in this site is provided by the experiences of individual members.  The information contained in this site should not be considered medical or professional advice or guidance regarding Superior Oblique Myokymia, or any other health issue.  SOMPeople©, its management or members, is not responsible for information, errors or omissions in the information provided on this site, nor is it responsible for actions resulting from its use.  SOMPeople© is not responsible for the validity or accuracy of member posts or reports, studies or reviews contained on its site, nor is it an advocate for any information mentioned on its site or any links on its site.  SOMPeople© does not endorse or recommend participation in or use of any information shared on its site by its members or businesses, organizations or sources mentioned or linked on its site, and should not be used for self-diagnosis.  SOMPeople© maintains this site for the informational use of its members and recommends that you contact and consult with your own health care professional with any questions concerning your personal heath, or before attempting to use any information contained in its site.  Any and all information posted on this site, becomes the property of SOMPeople© and may be edited, modified, altered or deleted in any manner, without the consent of the original poster. Misuse or abuse of anything on this site, or of any of its members is prohibited, and will not be tolerated.  Site managers are the sole arbiters regarding site information, member data or membership.  All information on this site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission.  Application for membership to this group affirms your acceptance of all rules, regulations and policies.  We are as fair and reasonable as possible, but if you desperately need to be part of a true democracy, you might be happier elsewhere.  2001-2006 © JAC/SOMPeople©

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Three message have been sent to all of y...
and you may receive a fourth, and final message to the entire group about the closing of MSN Groups and/or our migration to Yuku.    We are not trying to bot...
juds   01-15-09
How to join our site at Yuku...eezy-bree...
Time is running out. 
juds   12-30-08
Loss is relative
Thanks for sharing. It's amazing to read this; these family situations are more common than people think.-K
MSN NicknameKlarman   11-29-08
How to join our site at Yuku...eezy-bree...
Do not freak out, now.  Seven images.  Seems like a lot, but Yuku is one of the easiest registrations that you will ever do.  We will get right to it, but one important thing. ...
juds   11-21-08
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