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the pickeral 
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Welcome to the Pickeral Pond.  This site is for those of us who enjoy the
wonders of the outdoors no matter our particular favourite pastimes.  I
find I enjoy fishing, hunting, photography, camping, exploring and writing
about the experiences I have had or others have told me about.  The
above list is only partial as I find that in a perverse maner I even find
enjoyment in the mosquitoes that plague  us here in the north.
When you visit this site you are invited to share your experiences and pics
and your most used recipies for food in the outdoors.  Tell us your foibles
and successes so the rest of us can learn and just plain relive your moments.
Just remember that what you post here may be read by your son, daughter
or even your mother.  WE HAVE CHATS EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT AT 9 pm ET.
Enjoy your stay and come often as things will change as the seasons
progress and pics and stories come to paper.  Join the community and add
it to your favourites so you can come here with a click and find friends who share your outlook on the priorties of life.
Go to Pond Member's Profiles, join up and tell us a little about yourself.
Go to 'Bigguy's Stories' and and get a taste of how things are done in the north.
Under LINKS you will find other great sites to visit and places of interest to the outdoors community
     Garbage and Your Campsite

You don't find many

of these in the bush.

 Just remember to bring 

your garbage out with

 you and use the one at

 home.  Always leave your

 site cleaner than you find it!


All the pictures, the poems and the stories on The  Pickeral Pond belong to the individuals who posted them and may not be copied except with the express written consent of the individuals involved.
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MSN Groups closing in Feb
Hi Trina;   I followed the link and it sent me to a page to join up with Google Groups. Is this the right group? I didn't think so. Will membership in the new group be ...
halsey   01-14-09
MSN Groups closing in Feb
archerycharlie   01-10-09
MSN Groups closing in Feb
Val   01-09-09
TY Milly,   My neighbour died two days before Christmas & the family asked me to read a poem in her memory. I chose to read 'REMEMBER ME.' It was very well received...
eddy   01-08-09
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