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Speaking of MEMBERSHIP, we have a secondary backup/sister site of WLPCtoo over on Yahoo Groups, which mainly serves as file storage for larger files/docs that are either too large to upload here on MSN or for those members who've run out of storage space on MSN. It's also there for us, on the rare occasion that MSN acts up, we have it to fall back on & regroup.  Same rules & guidelines apply there as well. Thanks.

Your friendly Manager ~ Jenn
Assistant Managers ~ Marian, Michelle, & Sandi

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Moving Day UPDATE!!
Thank you, thank you. I do not have an upline who is supportive. Actually, I don't even know if she is still alive to be honest. Every bit of success I have is owed to you, the list owners,...
MSN NicknameRubberChef   01-20-09
Moving Day UPDATE!!
Well I know I sure appreciate all of your hard work that you and all others included you have done by making the move possible. My director does not hold regular meetings...and when there...
MSN Nicknameelain_pa1   01-20-09
Chef Success Website - Whats Up!
The same thing happened to me several months ago and I just wrote off my $5 as a contribution. Not an actual write off, just in my mind. It really is sad because I know there is supposed to be so...
cheftomi   01-20-09
Moving Day UPDATE!!
Ok everyone...I know you're dying to know what's going on and we promised to keep you updated.  So here's the far. We have had the hardest time finding a site tha...
MSN NicknamePCBombChelle   01-20-09
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Austin's 3rd birthday
MSN Nicknamepcnique75 05-28-08
Untitled Photo
MSN Nicknamepcnique75 05-28-08
Untitled Photo
MSN Nicknamepcnique75 05-28-08
Untitled Photo
MSN Nicknamepcnique75 05-28-08
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Austin's 3rd birthday
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