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wit and sarcasamContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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  Lady in the Coffee Shop by Orange  
  Meeting Lester Hawk by Orange  
  Metting Lester Hawk (2.)  
  The Red Dancer  
  Betrayal by Orange  
  Halloween Love Story (Orange  
  We were brothers (1.)  
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  We were brothers Ketchfish (3)  
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  Eric Johnson review by VG  
  Confessions of a Writician (JL4)  
  I Had a Bat!! (JL5)  
  Jeen Lilly (poetry) (JL2)  
  Jeen Lilly Poetry  
  It's Not OCD, right?!!... RIGHT!!? (JL3)  
  On Robin's Song of Hiding(JeenLilly)  
  Jeen Lilly Cat Story  
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  Belle/Cellist (Part II)  
  Belle/(Part III)  
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  Jen (NCH) Poetry  
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  Written for... by Switch  
  Gordon? which?  
  To Jeen Lilly From Switch  
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  When I Cry by Six  
  Rain by Six  
  who am I by dark_wolf  
  by dark_wolf  
  WSAM Welcome Page (copy)  
  Doorways by Jen  
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  Dear Diary (Dee)! (I.S.)  
  Writing On The Edge  
  Calisthenics for the Mind, Exercise I  
  Calisthenics continued  
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  Villanelle for a Vilaness  
  Army Green 3.0  
  Never Fed up--Donjuandevulgair  
  Alone... My Thoughts And I--CrazyDaveLA  
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  The pendulum swings/Barbs  
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  A Galaxy in a Knothole by Bob Wall  
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"wit and sarcasam"
Sorry about the spelling, but it's the only way msn would let us have the name.
So,  What's up?
Do you want to discuss it?
With total strangers?
Are you sure?

If so,  Put in an application, with a verifiable email address.  We'll read what you have to say and toss a few comments back and forth with you. We don't have any purpose for this group,  but if we get along,  we'll put in a section of anything reasonable. 


 Keep it clean and good natured.
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Ode To MSN by ZippyAcorns (Annie)
Alive and kicking!!!   Thanks for the move Dee!   And as for you Art-  you made my day  er  month  er year!
MSN NicknameZippyAcorns   01-27-09
Ode To MSN by ZippyAcorns (Annie)
Annie, I've moved this to the forum... as part of our 'nostalgia' thang!!!  Thi...
MSN Nicknamedensew-othei   01-27-09
Ode To MSN by ZippyAcorns (Annie)
Through the years WSAM has had the best of the best Annie is a perfect example. Just wish I knew what happened to her?     ...
MSN NicknameOldArt   01-25-09
Ode To MSN by ZippyAcorns (Annie)
MSN Nicknameswitchgears1_   01-21-09
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