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1. We are a mature rated group. Our mature rating means no nudity, and no offensive language. We are on MSN and must comply with their policy regarding nudity.  All bits need to be covered and a thong must cover the butt on all tags.

 2.  No games or links outside the group are allowed without managers approval.  We do not allow linking to any active participating groups, MSN or otherwise.  We DO allow links to non-participating groups, ie tutorials.

3. Your email address needs to be hidden and your email settings set to read on the web.   Do not post to the boards from email.  All messages made this way will be deleted.

4. We don't allow drama or flaming on our boards.  If you have a problem take it to management.  No spamming allowed, this will get you immediately removed from the group.

5. Please don't use ALL CAPS in the subject of your posts as managment uses this for important annoucements to the group.

6. Theft will not be tolerated.  Do not claim someone else's work as your own.   Do not alter someone else's work unless you have permission from that artist to do so.  This will result in you getting banned from Rebel Designs.  Respect all copyrights.

7. This is a participating group.  It doesn't take much to come in once a month and say Hi.  So come on in and join us, you might find  you like it.  While this isn't mandatory, it is strongly suggested for the good of the group.

8.  We are a copyright aware group.  Please make sure that tags have the proper © on them, and that artists that require license are clearly marked.  IMPROTANT IF AN ARTIST HAS ADULT CONTENT ON THEIR SITE DO NOT PUT THE ARTIST URL ON THE TAG.  MSN DOESN'T ALLOW THIS.  USE THE TOU FOR THE PG GROUPS.  ANY TAGS DISPLAYING ADULT URL WITH BE DELETED WITH EXPLANATION GIVEN.

Please go here to let us know you have read and understand the rules of our group, we hope  you enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you



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