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Is message board moving?
----- Original Message ----- From: andy morris To: ...
Dick   02-01-09
Is message board moving?
Ben,   I'll try emailing andy again and see what's up.  Iguess we'll know tomorrow if the page won't load.  I checked and got Gunny simma's phone list handy i...
Dick   01-31-09
Jim,   Guess what - my computer is down and I can't post on the 5th Comm site either until I get it back up. I'm using my wife's computer and going...
Dick   01-31-09
Is message board moving?
Is the message board moving in February?  Will the group still be able to communicate as we do now?  Is there anything that we need to do?   SF &nb...
MSN NicknameGa1222   01-31-09
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