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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  in response to Message 1Sent: 1/24/2009 12:14 AM

•?/FONT> I Make Headlines.|| __;;the time has come [fnfn thread]
•?/FONT> The Duchess' Thoughts.|| sooo let's do this.
•?/FONT> Behind The Scenes.|| So, basically....msn is a bitch and made me split this up, so i know it counts as "three posts" but its technically all the second one, in case there is any confusion....dont know why there would be lol but yeah just in case. anywho, yeah here's the end. woohoo! lol it's been fun ashley! =]
•?/FONT> Thee Amazing Record.|| 07.00.01

&| 100% Fucking Rockstar |&

__;;The cameras now pan out to the main arena, where the thousands upon thousands of fans are waiting for Friday Night Fight Night to begin. As the clock strikes nine, signaling the start of the show pyros go off and the regular themed music starts to play. The fans naturally go wild, as they always do at the start of a show and before they are given any real time to settle back into their seats, the lights go down and strobe lights of all sorts of colors start to flash throughout the arena as a shrill scream pierces the PA system, followed by a siren and the opening of "Disturbia" The fans continue to go wild, as Adalyn Raine now makes her way out from behind the black curtains, smiling smugly as she heads over to the top of the ramp, where her spotlight is waiting. The flood of boos now start to pour in over top of her as she just smirks and begins to walk confidently down the ramp, the spotlight illuminating her every move. As she looks out to the crowd it looks just how she described in her story earlier that day. Half the fans cheering for Champion, while the other half stayed loyal to the Duchess. She merely smiled at this before actually stopping to take a quick picture with a young girl, that couldn't be no more than seven that had on Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and a minituare Betsey Johnson dress along with some licensed Adalyn Raine bracelets from the gift shop out in the lobby. Usually Adalyn isn't this pleasant with the fans during a show, but the girl was adorable and obviously had great taste, even at such a young age! Breaking away from the child she then goes over to the steel steps taking them one at a time before finally stepping inbetween the middle and bottom ropes. Once inside the ring, she goes over to the two farthest sides of the ring, blowing a kiss out to the fans and smiling before eventually asking for a microphone. As a stage hand gives her one, her music begins to fade off into the background, leaving Adalyn now standing in the center of the ring with many of the fans still booing and cheering. She can't help but smirk at this as she brings the microphone up to her lips to speak.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Alright, now I know you all are just soooo excited to see my match tonight against the Womens Champion, Jeanette Salazar, but before that can happen, I have a few things to say to all of you. *she pauses for a moment, creating a bit of suspense for the audience before continuing* Now, I know that half of you in this arena tonight are hoping if not expecting Jeanette to walk out of this ring tonight the victor. *crowd pops at this* Yeah, see that's what I thought. But here's the thing....for all you Miss Olympia fans out there, you all need to know something. And I'm going to be very honest and straight forward when saying this...*she takes in a dramatic deep breath*...but the truth is, Jeanette won't be winning anything tonight. *she gets a bit of stunned silence from this as she pretends to gasp and look surprised* What?! Jeanette...not win? Against...Adalyn Raine?! Like, oh my god...the world must be coming to an end right? Because the champion is supposed to be able to take on and defeat all it's competitors, or at least...thats what a champion should be able to do. *she smirks* But here's the catch ladies and gentlemen. Jeanette isn't as great of a champion as she has led you all to believe. Sure the girl has experience and yeah she does currently hold the Womens Title...however, that obviously doesn't mean shit anymore because look who also held the Womens Title before her? Hmmm...need some refreshing on that one? Here, let me help you all out then. She was about this tall *she puts her hand out to her shoulder* and about this big *she now pinches her index finger and thumb together* oooh and she was about that blonde! *she now points out to a women in the front row that has obviously used one too many bottles of peroxide* Now if that doesn't give it away, she was also a big joke of a champion and really didn't represent or respect that title at all. Hmmm...still no clue? Alright, alright, it was a Stratus. And god, no I don't mean Trish. I mean yeah she was a champion too and also not the brightest of the bunch, but at least she brought some dignity to that name...dignity that was pretty much stripped away when IVY became a Womens Champion. Is it all coming back to you now? That whole month or whatever with Ivy as champion was completely disgusting and ridiculous. And people wonder why I wasn't around? Maybe I didn't want to even be near something as disgraceful as that...but hey, good news! Ivy is obviously no longer champion and Jeanette has taken her place, and yeah that was a great upgrade but it's still not the best that this company can do. We've had another no life try for the title, you all know her as Angela Stewart and granted she almost won, but even if she had it still wouldn't have been a help to the company's name. *she now starts to pace a bit as she continues* You see, just the other day Kaylee Adams was going on about how there isn't really anyone in this company that steps up to the plate anymore and how no one really deserves to be a challenger to the Womens Title and overall how the company seems to be in a bit of a downfall, especially when it comes to the womens division. And I heard that my name got thrown into the mix with her saying that half of the time when I'm booked for a match, I no show and that when I am actually here...I don't really show a lot anyway. *she now laughs and smirks a bit* Okay, now I need you all to refresh my memory, because I can't seem to recall ever no showing for a match. Perhaps Miss Adams speaks of my sceduled match against Bridgette Pryor, which was cancelled for the both of us. Or maybe Kaylee is just making excuses because for some odd reason she doesn't want me getting near the title. Either way, I find it all slightly laughable that one would think that I can't "live up to the hype." Has she not seen my performances? I have only been defeated once. One time, and suddenly I am not capable of becoming a champion? Suddenly I never seem to show up for matches? Suddenly...I can't live up to the hype? *she laughs again* Alright Kaylee, we'll see about that. You would think that when someone is running a company that appears to be at it's Wits End that they would turn to the one person that can actually save this shit hole. I'm of course talking about myself when I say that, because there isn't a single other bitch back there in those locker rooms that has even come as close as I have to achieving greatness in this business. There is not another diva, still working for WGEF that has been placed in as many headlining shows as I have, which in turn has actually added hype and flavour to this place. Besides me and Jeanette there isn't much else to choose from when it comes to picking the top bitch in this place. Ivy is pregnant, and really who gave a shit about her anyway? Tapanga is gone. Sharmaine is gone. Summer Fox and Kia Mitchell are gone. Angela Stewart was super fail at becoming the "Goddstress" of this place or whatever the hell she said. Phoenix...wait, who the hell is Phoenix again? That's not Winterborne is it? Wait, holy shit...Winterborne is going for the Womens Title? *before she can continue a stage hand calls her over to the side of the ring to whisper something in her ear, and you see her mouth the word "ooooh" before standing back over in the center of the ring smiling innocenty* Oops, sorry my bad...there is actually a woman here that goes by the name of Phoenix now...well okay, that just shows you how much that girl has really proved to all of us. Then, we have Mari Saito who is a strong competitor, but come on let's be serious. Can anyone here honestly see her with the Womens Championship around her waist? No? Okay, that's what I thought. *she now thinks for a moment* And damnit, I'm running out of divas to use as examples, mainly for the fact that no one else really does anything around here. We have that newcomer Tegan Starr...but whoop dee doo, let's wait a couple more months on her and see if she even sticks around. This once again leads us back to the fact that there is only me left to challenge and face Jeanette for the title. Kaylee, I know you'll be watching this match tonight and when you do....*she pauses*...well I won't say that I'm going to beg you to take notice of me and realize how wrong you are about me, but I will ask you to re-evaluate your thoughts and not throw me under the bus so quickly. I have done so much for this company and am one of the few divas that has yet to turn my back on it, and I plan on staying loyal to this place as long as management can actually show a bit of respect for who I am and what I do. You don't need to have a freaking title belt in order to be god's gift to wrestling, so keep that in mind when you and you *she points out to the crowd as she says that second you* watch my match tonight and watch as I defeat Miss Olympia. I'm sure that after tonight, you all will see that I am the saving grace of this business and that I will be the next Womens Champion.

__;; With those final words, Adalyn sees no reason to stay out in the ring for a moment longer as she lets the microphone slip away from her fingers and fall to the canvas with a thud. "Disturbia" then blasts onto the PA system once again as she slowly exits the ring and confidently makes her way back up to the ramp, never once looking back out to the crowd as she disappears behind the black curtain. The cameras continue to follow her however as she heads backstage, still looking slightly pissed off and ready to go for her match as Kris Dawson comes into view, quickly making her way over to Adalyn with a microphone in hand. She sees Kris coming and only continues to walk, trying to ignore her but Kris doesn't skip a beat as she walks alonside Adalyn while talking to her.

KRIS d a w s o n;; Adalyn, we all just saw your last promo out there in the ring a moment ago and I couldn't help but notice that those seemed to be some strong words regarding the future of the womens division. Would you care to comment on that?

__;; Adalyn stops suddenly, looking over only to glare a hole into Kris' head as she takes in a breath before running her tongue along the inside of her bottom lip before finally speaking.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Kris, the bottom line is this. Management knows that this place is beginning to fall apart at it's seams and they don't want to lose hold of it, which I honestly can't say that I blame them, this place has proven to be one of thee best wrestling companys to ever grace national television. However, they are overseeing what talent they already possess in this place. Sure there have been a lot of divas to walk out of her recently, but what about the ones that have been here for quite some time, staying loyal to the business, fighting and earning a shot to the top? As much as I cannot stand Angela Stewart, at least she fucking tried to win the Womens Title. At least she didnt give up when I defeated her twice, in a row. Management over looks that. They think that once you have "missed" your shot at the Title, you are suddenly no longer able to live up to the hype or show what you really got. But guess what? I still have what it takes to become a champion, I still possess more greatness in my middle finger than half the divas and superstars here combined. Kaylee obviously doesn't believe that, but tonight....tonight, I'm gonna make her a believer in Adalyn Raine. I'm gonna show her that I can help bring the womens division out from under and take a hold of the reigns like a true champion. Jeanette Salazar is a great girl and an awsome competitor but its time for the torch to be passed to someone that can handle taking this company a step further. And that's what I'm going to do Kris, starting with my win over Jeanette tonight.

__;; Adalyn has a serious and determined look on her face as she continues to look at Kris, who obviously realizes that now isn't the time to ask more question and try to make small talk. Adalyn has a job to do and that consists of showing everyone in this god damn place that she isn't through here, that her time has only just begun. For those that continue to believe that Adalyn is just a waste of time, let them. She can't control people's ignorance, but she can control what happens in the future regarding the womens title and thus the overall future of the womens division, because like Barack Obama's time for a change.

The End.

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