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Spiritual : Psychic test on Tickle
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 Message 1 of 3 in Discussion 
From: Jag  (Original Message)Sent: 8/16/2007 4:01 PM
My results:
Heather, when it comes to psychic abilities, you have an unusually strong talent in the area of Precognition

This means you have an uncanny ability to look into the future and know ahead of time what is going to happen. You might, for instance, simply know that you're going to get that job before the interview even happens with a certainty that exceeds what you would expect to have simply knowing the facts of the situation. You might have a sense of dread before going out for the evening only to later have a flat tire on your way home. These little hunches are easy to ignore but for you especially, quite often lead to a true prediction of what is going to happen. These predictions can be used to generate positive outcomes, and the more you know about how to use your talent, the more you will be able to distinguish between fantasy of the future and an actual reality you are seeing happen, before it has actually happened.

While your strongest psychic talent is Precognition, Tickle also analyzed your psychic strengths in:

  • Retrocognition: The ability to know what happened in the past.
  • Clairvoyance: The ability to "see" the unknown.
  • Remote viewing: The ability to see physical objects at a distance.
  • Telepathy: The ability to tune into others' thoughts.

See your scores in these other areas of ESP, and whether your psychic strengths provided you with the correct answers to the ESP test questions, in your 20-page personalized ESP Reading.   (Of course, to get the rest, it's $9.95, then after 7 days, it's $19.95 a month.  Not going to pay.  lol)

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 Message 2 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 8/16/2007 11:11 PM
That was so bogus....
Now that you know where your psychic abilities lie and have some ideas about how ESP can be used in your own life, it's time to find out exactly how you scored on the ESP Test's objective questions ?those with definite right and wrong answers. See if you did how you expected to. As a reminder, each question below shows both the right answer and the answer you gave.

= your answer
= best answer

2. There is a picture printed beneath this gray card. What is the picture of?

language=JavaScript>answer('2','A');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> A baseball
language=JavaScript>answer('2','B');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> A basketball
language=JavaScript>answer('2','C');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> A football
language=JavaScript>answer('2','D');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> A golf ball
language=JavaScript>answer('2','E');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> A bowling ball

3. At the end of this test, Tickle will randomly generate a number from 1 to 10. What do you sense the number associated with your test will be?

language=JavaScript>answer('3','A');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 1
language=JavaScript>answer('3','B');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 2
language=JavaScript>answer('3','C');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 3
language=JavaScript>answer('3','D');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 4
language=JavaScript>answer('3','E');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 5
language=JavaScript>answer('3','F');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 6
language=JavaScript>answer('3','G');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 7
language=JavaScript>answer('3','H');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 8
language=JavaScript>answer('3','I');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 9
language=JavaScript>answer('3','J');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> 10

5. One of Tickle's employees has a dog named:

language=JavaScript>answer('5','A');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> Buddy
language=JavaScript>answer('5','B');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> Shaggy
language=JavaScript>answer('5','C');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> Fenway
language=JavaScript>answer('5','D');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> Tickle
language=JavaScript>answer('5','E');</SCRIPT> ?/TD> Spot
Ok, I had said "Basketball", "6" (which is 'my' number and I always pick 6), and "Fenway". Those were my answers. They're telling me that my answers were "Baseball", "1", and "Buddy".
So Bogus....
Not to mention, I never did see my fruit (I chose blueberry) or whatever else they said was coming at the end of the test. Bummer, man...

 Message 3 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname-jujub-Sent: 9/1/2007 2:36 PM
It said I was high on precognition too, but I'm really not. I'm just really observant, and that helps me know in advance what people are going to think, say or do.