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WGEFInsider.png picture by wgefstorage1

WI: Okay welcome to another edition of the WGEF Insider, the number one source for the inside scoop and candid thoughts of the superstars and divas of the WGEF. And this week, how could we have anyone other then Serenity Chambers, and she is right here in the studio, so Serenity welcome to the Studio and thank you to taking the time to speak to us.

Serenity: It's no problem, the pleasure is all mine.

WI: I'm glad to hear that, now we cant start anywhere other then the obvious. Three days ago you went out and became t2-4.png picture by wgefstorage1he first female to win the Royal Rumble at the expense of the likes of Michael Harris, Deacon Havok and everyone else involved. Has the enormity of what you've done finally settled in, because you are guaranteed barring an injury the Main Event spot at WrestleMania Three?

Serenity: The enormity has definitely set in. When I entered the Royal Rumble I was looking for nothing more to push myself further than I ever have before. I had the confidence in myself that I could do but I never thought that I would get as far as I did, much less win.

WI: Well you did win, and now Serenity, you really are going to be going to a whole another level compared to what you've been at before. Because lets not beat around the bush, you've been in the WGEF for a long time, and some could even say to a certain degree you have gone more or less unnoticed in comparison to the Kaylee's, Kat Sanders, Trish Stratus, Summer and some of the other divas, do you see yourself being able to elevate yourself to their standard or above them?

Serenity: Of course I do. I've been in the shadows for long enough and now that I've gotten the chance to show what I am capable of I'm going to use this opportunity to raise myself to the level of the bigger named divas.

WI: Well right now it looks like you'll be challenging Summer Fox, she is of course a hall of fame member. Of course there is one more Pay-Per-View between now and then, so things may change, but what is your opinion of your possible WrestleMania opponent?

Serenity: Summer Fox? After her comments towards me leading up to the Royal Rumble, I would love another shot at her.

WI: Well in order to do win you do have some rough odds to overcome. Thanks to a superstar who is retired now. Nobody in the history of the WGEF has gone into the Rumble won it, and gone on to win the Main Event of Mania, is 2008 the year to end that record?

Serenity: Well considering that I've already done something that I never thought I'd do anything's possible, 2008 could definitely be the year to end that record.
1-4.png picture by wgefstorage1
WI: okay, well my next question. Other then the people who have followed you closely over your time here, tell us a little more about yourself, who is your inspiration for getting into the business, what are you looking to achieve, and other then the champion come Mania, is there anyone in particular you want to feud with, whether it be male or female?

Serenity: I'd definitely say the Fabulous Moolah was my biggest inspiration to go into this business. She not only blazed the way for women such as myself to do what we love but she proved to everyone that women are more than tits and ass. As far as what I'm looking to achieve, well I'm looking to achieve whatever I can by busting my ass to create more fantastic opportunities to further my career. A feud, I'd say Summer Fox. The bitterness between her and I was re-ignited at the Royal Rumble and is far from over. Now that I've shown her I'm more than capable to hang in her league I want to humiliate her by taking her championship.

WI: okies, now we're going onto word association, and as always I'm just going to say a name or something that’s happened, and I'd like you to say the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to it... so here we go

Royal Rumble - The best pay per view ever
Summer Fox - Has Been
Trish Stratus - A Future Legend
Womens Championship - Prestige
AC Steel - The Greatest Man Alive
Ringside Managers, Good or Bad - Definitely Good
Heath Ledger Passing Away - A Sad Ending to a Great Career
WGEF - The Greatest Company Ever
And finally Serenity Chambers - The Future Womens Champion

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disclaimer.png picture by wgefstorage1