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Date: 10th February 2009
Deadline: 12pm Eastern Time (Noon) - 6am First Roleplay
General Manager: Trish Stratus Copes
Arena: Sommet Center   Nashville, Tennessee
Reporters: Katrina Parker, Daniel Sanchez, Mathew Green

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Opening Match
 Yvette Zamaripa Vs. Britney Jericho Orton  
Match Type: One on One  Match
Stipulations: None

Second Match
  Gregory Erickson Vs. Jeff Jarrett
 Match Type: One on One  Match
Stipulations: None

Third Match
Mark Henry & Teal Moore Vs. Chris Kinning & Ivy Stratus
Match Type: Tag Team Match
Stipulations: None

Fourth Match
Adalyn Raine  Vs. Phoenix
Match Type:  One on One
Stipulations: Winner goes to Whatever It Takes to comete for Women's Title

Fifth Match
 Christian Cage Vs. Spear
Match Type: One on One Match
Stipulations: None

Main Event

Mari Saito Vs. Paris Jior 

Match Type:  One on One Match
Stipulations: Winner goes to Whatever It Takes to compete for Women's Title
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