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From: Angela  (Original Message)Sent: 2/9/2009 1:32 AM

Trish-2.jpg picture by WGEFTrish

•Warning?BR>This rp may include some things that isn't stuible for young people. Sex, Violence and Curse words maybe in this rp. If you do not like any of that exit now. Otherwise enjoy the rp and continue on! But all you whiners dont come complaing about the rp because you have been warned!
•Warning Over?/STRONG>

Before Shawn could respond “Time to Rock ‘n?Roll?by Lil Kim   starts to play from the speakers blasting loudly from the p.a. system. As it does the crowd rises to their feet and starts to boo as they know exactly who will soon be appearing before them. A slow “slut?chant starts to spread throughout the crowd as the lights around the stage and in the stands change from their usual shade of yellow tv05_2.jpg picture by WGEFTrishto a bright pink then purple, quickly alternating between the two. As the song continues to play the thick black curtain at the back of the stage starts to move and Trish finally emerges from behind the thick black fabric with an evil smirk on her face. The camera zooms in on Trish who stops at the top of the stage twisting her hand in front of her as she arrogantly bows before the crowd. The “slut?chant changes back to a loud chorus of boos as Trish rises back to an upright position. Trish can’t help but laugh at the reception she is receiving as Kelly starts to speak.

%Kelly Young%
Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome from Toronto, Ontario Canada?she is Co-Owner of the WGEF, Intercontinental Champion and Rampage General Manager, Trish Stratus Copes!!

Pleased with the introduction she received Trish begins to walk down the ramp at her usual pace, her eyes dart back and forth from side to side at all of the fans holding up their signs insulting her. A few over excited fans pull themselves over the barricade in hopes of touching Trish but she steps just past the reach and laughing in their face as they pull their hands back. As she reaches the end of the ramp she sees a young male fan sitting at the far end of the row wearing her newest t-shirt and is so excited to see her that he is waving his arms frantically in the air trying to get her attention. Trish smiles as if she’s about to do something nice as she walks over towards him. With the deceptive smile still on her face she reaches over the barricade wrapping her arms around his neck, giving him with what he thought was a friendly hug. Instead she pulled her arms back and shoved him back into his seat giving him a first hand view that she is not the sweet innocent woman that she used to be. The young man reaches up to take a picture of Trish showing her hostile side and Trish quickly knocks it out of his hand. As it falls to the floor beside him someone picks it up and snaps the picture of Trish’s mean streak. As the crowd erupts in a much louder boo at Trish’s lack of respect for the young man she turns around brushing a stray section of hair back behind her should giving the fans an innocent smile as if she’s innocent and has done nothing wrong. She walks over towards the steel rings steps casually walking up them and stepping on the ring apron. She turns her eyes back towards the crowd for a second rolling her eyes in disdain at them before gliding her small frame between the middle and bottom ropes as she enters the ring. As she rises to an upright position she makes her way towards the middle of the ring facing the camera on the far end of the ring, coming to a stop once again twisting her arm in front of her as she arrogantly bows before the crowd. As she rises to a standing position she couldn’t but notice how many of the people that were booing her was taking an immense amount of pictures of her. She rolled her eyes and shook her head at the fans stupidity. The crowd gives out another boo at Trish quickly followed by the “slut?chants as she walks over to where Kelly was standing in the corner, giving her an evil glare as she snatches the mic out of her hand. Kelly gives Trish a glare of her telling her that she doesn’t care for her attitude. Trish simply shoots her a cold glare that simply tells her to get out of the ring. Kelly stands there for a few seconds before hurrying over to the ropes and scurrying out of the ring. Trish begins walking back to the middle of the ring waiting for her music to finally die down and for the fans to stop their chanting. A few moments pass and the lights slowly return to normal as “It’s Time to Rock ‘n?Roll?starts to quiet down eventually becoming silent. The fans continue to boo but Trish just shoots them a look that tells them its time for them to shut up. As they finally start to quiet down Trish takes that as a cue that it was her turn to speak. She slowly raises her microphone up to her lips licking her lips as she starts to speak.

%Trish Stratus Copes%
Okay boys, I hate to burst both of your bubbles but the last time I checked neither one of you were management so therefore, this tv05_10.jpg picture by WGEFTrishmatch is not official. Now it just so happens that with ‘Whatever It Takes?coming up if there is a Fight Night next week it will be to further the WGEF Championship Tournament which means your match will not be happening. (Crowd Boos) Now before either of you start bitching I have something else in mind. It just so happens that there is a spot open on the ‘Whatever It Takes?card instead of being on Fight Night your match will now be taking place on ‘Whatever It Takes? Now do either of you have anything else you want to say?

Trish lowers her mic to her chest waiting to see if either of them have anything else to say.

(c.) cruel intentions at daf.


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Trish Stratus and Mickie James
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