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General : ///One Goal By The End of 2009 is to be WGEF Champion
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From: MSN Nicknamemysterious-unknown  in response to Message 1Sent: 2/12/2009 8:04 AM

Serenity3.jpg picture by WGEFTrish

Welcome to the world of Serenity... in my world you will find scenes that may not be suitable for children under 14. If you cant handle quick attacks and a little blood from here to there then this may not be your chance to handle Serenity. Read carefully though and with caution because there might be scenes that will make your mouth water!

Genius:U Clicked It
Starring: Serenity Chambers Reso and Jason Reso
Screwing: Jason Reso
Next Victim: Meh
Achievements: Diva of the week (1x), 2008 Royal Rumble Winner
OCC: OMG Nymo.....I am soooo sorry for the long ass wait on this. I didn't see that you had replied and then after awhile I forgot all about it until something made me think about it today. I hope this is alright for ya :)


A baby? Serenity had no idea what to say. It wasn’t that she didn’t want a baby because she did but up until this moment the topic had never came up and in the process caught her completely by surprise. She had always wanted kids someday but still the topic had taken her by surprise. As she looked over at Jason she couldn’t help but smile. She could see just how badly he wanted to have a baby and start their own family. Until now she wasn’t sure just how much. Tucking a stray section of hair back behind her ear she reaches over lightly stroking the side of his face with her hand before starting to speak.

%Serenity Chambers Reso%
 So Destiny and Dhillion brought up us having a baby did they? Something tells me that someone else asked them what they thought about possibly having a brother or sister someday.

%Jason Reso%
You’re not trying to say that I was the one who asked them are you?

%Serenity Chambers Reso%
If the shoe fits.

%Jason Reso%
I can’t believe you’d accuse me like that. Come on Kaylee just had a baby not to long ago, how do you know they didn’t get the idea then?

%Serenity Chambers Reso%
Because she had her son a good month or two ago that’s why I don’t think they got the idea from that. What I think is their father planted the idea in their heads because he wasn’t sure how to bring up the issue to his own wife.

%Jason Reso%
So what if I did? It worked didn’t it?

%Serenity Chambers Reso%
Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t. I mean, like you said, I do have my career to think about and 2009 could be a very big year for me with the move to Aimoo in a couple weeks and no one really knowing who’s going to stay with the company or not. With no more divas than we have that do anything now (She winks) I might suddenly needed more once we move.

%Jason Reso%
Is that your way of saying you’re not ready to have a baby yet or are you just having fun with me?

%Serenity Chambers Reso%
Of course I’m just having fun with you! You’ve seen how I’m looked at in this company…as nothing but a joke. The majority of the women around here don’t even show up when they’re booked and here I am one of the few that do show up and all I get out of it is hearing that I’m nothing but a joke or a filler. It’s frustrating. Maybe it’s time I give up the dream of ever being taken seriously and do something that will actually mean something.

%Jason Reso%
Who says that you’re nothing but a joke?

%Serenity Chambers Reso%
Practically everyone. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard all of the comments everyone has been saying? (He shakes his head) Apparently I’m only good for a filler. It’s to the point where I wonder what’s the use in trying anymore when that’s all I get for it? Why even bother showing up when I’m constantly seen like that?


©.forbidden goddess. Made for Angela by Jen at DAF dont be stupid and steal... just come on by and request one instead of claiming it as your own.