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From: Angela  (Original Message)Sent: 2/14/2009 1:07 AM

SerenityChamberscopy.jpg picture by thiefing_rikku

•Warning?BR>This rp may include some things that isn't stuible for young people. Sex, Violence and Curse words maybe in this rp. If you do not like any of that exit now. Otherwise enjoy the rp and continue on! But all you whiners dont come complaing about the rp because you have been warned!
•Warning Over?/STRONG>

Here you go Andrew. I hope you like this. If you want any changes made you have three days to ask for them. Enjoy the layout and come request again from me really soon. =). -Chrissy

(c.) cruel intentions at daf.


RP Title: U Clickd It
People Involved:
Trish Stratus and Mickie James
Next Victim:
Natasha Sky
WGEF Co-0wner, Raw General Manager.Tag Team Champion w/Kaylee Adams (1x), TNA Intergender Tag Team Champion w/Edge (1x), TNA Intergender Tag Team Champion w/Christian (1x), Women’s Champion (5x). Intercontnental Champion (Current), Mother of Crystal
OOC: Good Luck