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General : Scared to quit  
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From: Joel  (Original Message)Sent: 12/9/2005 5:21 PM

Hi Joel. My brother recommended your website and I was very moved by it. I have quit 3 or 4 times in the past year but every time I get to two months....Bam...I don't know what it is but I just pick up again. I had quit recently for 2 and a half months but when I realized I had gained over 10 pounds, I took it up again... How's that for sick?? I am so scared of quitting, and I don't know why. Anyways thank you for the site. I will continue on in my fight. I know it's just a matter of time. Thank you.


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From: JoelSent: 12/9/2005 5:37 PM
Here are some selected articles, discussing the weight issues and the concern you raised of not being able to get past what seems to be a predermined length of time smoke free. Hope this helps.

Mimimizing the weight gained after quitting smoking

Patience in weight control issues

After I Lose Weight I Will Quit Smoking

Weight Gain Concerns After Smoking Cessation

Eating Healthy - Blood Sugar

 “I’ve tried everything to lose weight but..."

I am including the next two because they discuss people worried about losing quits in a specific time period:

The terrible threes

The Miserable 3's

You must understand that you didn't lost your quit by reaching a predetermined point in time like a two month mark, but rather you lost your quit each time at the two month mark because you took a puff on a cigarette at that point in time. I can absolutely guarantee that if you don't take a puff or administer nicotine via any source any time during month two this time you will shatter your record and make it to month three. You will continue to set a new record every day for the rest of your life if you then continue to stick to your personal commitment to never take another puff.

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From: MSN NicknameRickrob53_GoldSent: 12/9/2005 6:27 PM
You are not alone in being so scared of quitting.  Many who once were scared, like yourself, went ahead and successfully quit in spite of their fears.  The following link may give you some inspiration to not be scared.
(be sure to hit the First   button to get back to the first replies, and then the Next button to get the rest)
(22 months of freedom from smoking after 33 years of being scared to quit)

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From: MSN NicknameStarshinegrl-GoldSent: 12/9/2005 6:51 PM
Hi there,
I think your brother is a great guy and he must love you very much.
Joel and Richard have given you so many great reading suggestions with re to weight gain and fear. I would just like to add Weight Gain Concerns After Smoking Cessation because I think your fears of weight gain are also a form of junkie thinking at its best or worst, depending on your perspective.
You used your weight gain as a (not so new at all) excuse to start smoking again, but you know yourself that all you did is giving in to junkie thoughts and thus relapsing. Don't let it stop you now from taking control over you life again.
I would also recommend that you have a look at the Weight gain - section on  WhyQuit.Com, where you will find a lot of info and food for thought.
You really don't need to be scared of quitting, you need to be scared of what continuing to smoke might / will do to you.
If you haven't yet stopped smoking, just do yourself a big favour and have a really good, close look at all the information available at whyquit, in Joel's library and on the Freedom boards.
You say you will continue in your fight and that it is just a matter of time. You are right there. Don't wait until the decision is made for you and you die of a smoking related illness. What is a bit of weight gain compared to that? There are also many quitters who have gained weight in the first couple of months or so and then lost it again - and there are even people who can say "We actually lost weight!"
Go on, give yourself and those close to you the best gift anyone could think of: stop using nicotine and stop doing it for good. You never know if you will find the energy, courage and the chance to do it again. You might even be surprised at how easy it will be this time to stay quit as Every quit is different.
Wishing you a mega- moment of "Yes, if they can, I can do it, too!" - and should you ever have any questions or concerns, all you have to do is post another message to this board or even join Freedom from Tobacco once you are nicotine free. It might give you another incentive to stay quit.
378 days and a bit

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