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General : A Slip or a Relapse?  
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From: Linda  (Original Message)Sent: 12/3/2005 3:29 PM
Hi Joel:
A friend of mine quit smoking almost a year ago and while at a party the other night, drinking, and acting silly, took a puff of another person's cigarette. Then he decided to finish that cigarette which was already half gone.  He still considered himself quit because he had not touched a cigarette for so long.
My question....would this be considered something to be forgotten because until that point he had not touched a cigarette and was doing well, or was it just a slip or worse yet, a full blown relapse?

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 Message 2 of 4 in Discussion 
From: JoelSent: 12/3/2005 3:48 PM
Here is a string that had a very similar question posed. Read all of the responses to that string.

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From: JoelSent: 12/3/2005 3:49 PM
Make sure to read post 13 and 17 in that string

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From: MSN Nickname_forza-d-animo_Sent: 12/9/2005 1:52 AM
   If I were to ask you if you would be willing to take a hit off of this knowing that there was a high percentage of chance that you would become addicted for life and a 50/50 chance that it would kill you would it make a difference if I called a slip or relapse?
   We at and on the Freedom forum make no bones about calling it a relapse whether it be one puff or twenty cigarettes because it is what it is.  If a heroin addict shot up just once, would that be considered a slip?  If an alcoholic were to take just one shot of whiskey because he/she were out at a part acting silly would that be considered an acceptable risk?  A slip is a euphemism meant to soften the implications of what someone has just done, eyes wide open.
  If any of us were to smoke again or put nicotine back into our bloodstream through any delivery method, knowing what we know about addiction, I would call it an act of insanity or denial.

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