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Chambers of Shrinking WitchesContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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  鈾?篓篓*鈾LL BOARDS鈾?篓篓*鈾?/A>  
  What is the Chambers of Shrinking Witches all about?  
  Daily Horascope  
  Shrinking for Chalandor  
  "Shrinking by the Moon" Charts  
  鈻篧eight Charts  
  Conjuring Spells  
  Sharing Facts  
  "Legal" Recipes  
  Alchemy Chamber  
  Alchemy info  
  The Calorie Counter  
  Exitsize Chamber  
  Healing Chamber  
  The Diet Chamber  
  Wardrobe Chamber  
  The SPA Chamber  
  ~Witch's Brew-Inn~  
  Witch's Brew-Inn  
  ~LadyMajyk's Chamber  
  Majyk's Chamber  
  ~Qyzida's Chamber  
  Qyzida's Chamber  
  Mystikal's Room  
  Mystic Kitten's Chamber  
  Kitten's Chamber  
  Luna Wolf Listener's Chamber  
  Luna's Chamber  
  ~The Guest's Chamber~  
  Witches of Chalandor Retreat at the Caslte Ravenwood  
  Enchanting Garden Tales  
  our Chamber Rooms  
  Magick's showcase  
  鈾?鈾?CALENDAR 鈾?鈾?/A>  
  Enchanted Glade Tales  
  Tales of Magick  
  Creation Chamber  
  Healthy Snacks  
  Tuesday Tea Time Talk  
  New Year 16-Week Challange  
  Crafting Chamber  
  Address of Shrinking Witches  
  Daily Duty  
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The Chambers


Shrinking Witches


Whether you are in the Kitchen, the Living quarters , the Bedroom or the Bath...maybe you will go to the Exercise room...or even the Magickal Chamber of Conjuring Spells....

this is where you will find the


of the Shrinking Witches.


This is a place where you can feel safe and share as you will.  You are safe here as there is no area that is too secret to go into.

We are here to support each other and it is the policy of Shrinking Witches that you post as often as possible but not less that twice a week...this can be anywhere and on any board so please do share your thoughts and your meanderings as well as things you find interesting that may help someone going through a hard time.

Feel free to join us in any area..The help and support of people going through the same thing you are going through.  The understanding and magick is everywhere so enjoy!!



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