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General : Barack Obama and Fulfilling One's Mission & Destiny
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 Message 1 of 1 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknameguardianaction8  (Original Message)Sent: 10/29/2008 11:56 PM
This is the 6th in a series of “Intergalactic Commentaries�?from the Higher Forces of Light, who are very benevolent, human appearing Elohim E.T.’s that surround this planet in Guardian Action, in their Merkabah Light Ships. They will channel through me, Michael Ellegion, and comment upon different significant news events or e-mails that I receive from other sources. These channeled “Commentaries�?give an Intergalactic and often “behind-the-scenes�?perspective, from the Higher Forces of Light, to enlighten humanity in their ongoing Mission of making sure this planet will not only survive all the challenges it is facing, but Prepare the way for more open, Divine Intervention on your behalf in the near future by these Higher Forces.

I must admit that I was not specifically expecting a Channeling-Transmission regarding very recent events surrounding not only the steps leading up to the Presidential elections of 2008, but also regarding the candidates who are presently running for the office of the President. Partly because, unlike in most other areas of my life, I have had a “bias�?toward the whole election process. For example, knowing how the “power elite aka the cabal and puppet masters�? have always manipulated these votes to allowing them to choose who they “would allow to be basically their puppets for both the President and Vice President. They continue the same old agendas, just recycled with different words and terms being used by the so-called candidates. Both major political parties have been controlled very effectively by this hidden manipulation, and anyone ever attempting to [OVERTLY] change any of this control and “status quo�?has never been allowed to run--especially when they made it very clear ahead of time--just exactly what their plans were--if by some miracle, they were “elected�?as the next President of the U.S.

I have been very “progressively Libertarian�? if I were to define my so-called “political orientation.�? Part of this is based on my own background of having had very intense conscious memories of what it was like to live on more advanced worlds prior to taking physical Earth embodiment. These more advanced worlds--and the Higher Councils of Light which set intergalactic policies termed “Intergalactic Rule of Law�? are part of the vast Intergalactic Confederation or Universal Federation of worlds. The Leaders of these more evolved worlds are truly in touch with “the people’s needs and wants�?and not part of or connected with hidden agendas and of a small group of power elite who manipulate the rest of humanity. Those on Earth have been secretly plotting for more complete world control and creating numerous “false flag-inside job�?events which only take away more and more of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms as has been occurring especially in more recent decades here in America.

So from the “get go�?I was never too drawn to “Earth politics�? I had gained a “stereotyped�?impression of most, if not 99% of Earth politicians, especially here in the U.S. as usually saying all the great and noble sounding words and phrases, but usually never able to accomplish these wonderful sounding causes. If, by some rare chance, as was stated, a truly well meaning person did get elected, they were always reminded once they were “elected�? they are now just a puppet for the power elite--or they got assassinated by the cabal, as in JFK’s case, or Robert Kennedy (while he was still in the process of running for President).

Last December, I had received a channeling from Ashtar, about the manipulation of our votes. The Higher Forces stated they wanted to now help Overshadow this whole process and to help stop this manipulation of the votes, which has actually been going on in all the major Presidential elections ever since the assassination of President Kennedy. Of course, the sophistication of how the power elite have been able to accomplish this has changed through the years. As an example, from the voter cards having the tabs punched out by hand (as occurred back in Dade County, Florida over 40 years ago, which actually is shown on video footage; the League of Women Voters, punching out the tabs on the cards, and is documented in James Collier’s book, Vote Scam), to the more recent technique in the past twenty years, of using computers to manipulate the vote count (which are used in conjunction with the actual voting machines)

In this earlier Channeling, stated that the Higher Forces would “help�?us to get more accurate vote counts, as long as we, the citizens, would do all we could, of fulfilling our own responsibilities and “constitutional duties�?to elect the person or persons who we as a majority of citizens felt would be the best choice for this country. In the Channeling, he even made a “philosophical comment�?regarding the candidates who were (at that time) running for office; if we of Earth were to ask the Federation, who their best choice of a candidate would be:

�?...who would we vote for, who would be our main choice for a Presidential candidate [of the U.S.] (If we were allowed to participate in this upcoming Earth Electoral process, that is!), of those presently running for office. We will only state, that as a major ‘Cosmic Hint�? (the only really good choices are less than the number of fingers on one of your hands!) We of the Federation, termed Space Brotherhood/Sisterhood, tend to be what you of Earth would say are extremely ‘Intergalactically Libertarian�?�?BR>
After I received this particular Channeling, I wondered if this ‘comment�?was, in anyway, a hint or a “reference�?to Ron Paul, for Ashtar actually mentioned his name and also Dennis Kucinich briefly, within this same channeling:

“It is also no accident that Dennis Kucinich sighted one of our ships, which we purposely brought down to be seen. This sighting event, like most sightings of our craft, is not usually a mere accident. The craft you of Earth refer to as UFO’s, are really IFO’s (Identified Flying Objects) and these appearances are actually a Spiritual Visual Reference Point, an Inner Cosmic Reminder, of our connections with those of you, the people of Earth, and we are your Extended Cosmic Family who are Preparing for more open, mass appearances very soon over Earth.

As a matter of fact, those like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are often drawn to other fellow Volunteers because of this Inner Recognition and of principles that tend to be very similar. These Volunteers are termed ‘Star People�? which we invite you to check out this Channel’s web site, where you will see the List of ‘Star People�?characteristics that many Volunteers tend to manifest while in Earth embodiment.�?BR>
Of course, after both Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul both decided to drop out of the race, it was obvious that the same ‘ol manipulation of the number of initial votes had occurred for both of these men. The cabal had definitely manipulated the number of votes they each actually received as the first few primaries occurred. I had to admit I was consciously both confused and depressed by this very predictable outcome of two men who definitely had more virtuous qualities and who I had felt would have had the strength and courage to stand up to the power elite. However the same old “usual�?manipulation of the votes, from these “hidden puppet masters�?forced the number of votes to be manipulated making it appear that neither Ron Paul nor Dennis Kucinich actually received the true number of votes they actually received. After a few of these primaries, it became clear that to them it was “officially�?useless to even attempt continuing their run for President.

I was, on one level, not at all surprised of this early outcome, since it was so overtly clear, that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich specifically made it extremely clear--their position and objectives were to challenge the vast power and influence of the power elite --”if by some miracle�?they were allowed to even run�?and then be elected as President.

On the other hand, having received this particular Channeling-Transmission from Ashtar and the Higher Forces, which had, of course, “implied�?that they would help stop this “usual�?manipulation of our votes by the cabal, then I could not understand--consciously--at the time, why they had obviously allowed this outcome for both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. I had assumed they were really the only good choices that were available, only because of their very open and honest “up front�?stand and unlike so many other politicians who have attempted to run for office in times past, I could so strongly feel their sincerity and definitely true intent.

Of course, in the case of Ron Paul--and I have to briefly share this with everyone--I had, ultimately lost my respect for him, when a short time later, he was being interviewed by that neoCON host Glenn Beck, on Fox Network, and Mr. Beck, in typical neoCON bias, made fun of the whole �?-11 Accountability Movement�? Mr. Beck ridiculed those of us who know how the government covered up the real facts and lied about what actually happened and how the official version of what happened was totally distorted. Ron Paul, pretended that he had never actually heard about these “theories�?and denied having ever heard of this information and pretended that he agreed with the official version and tried to explain any so-called “discrepancies�?away as only caused by “irresponsibility's�?on the part of the officials.

I was flabbergasted, for up until that moment, I had really assumed--as did the vast majority of his supporters--that he was truly being honest and straight forward with us all and would not back down when challenged about different ACCOUNTABILITY issues, and how the government had to answer to the real needs and concerns of the people, and not cave into corporate interests. It was at that moment, that I lost respect for him, and realized that he had been given a chance to “rise to the occasion.�? Even if much of what we in the 9-11 Accountability movement may have a little trouble of being able to prove beyond a shadow of doubt all that we believe, at least he could have said something like this, “Well, any really intelligent person, who has studied and examined all of the evidence that is available regarding the Official version, without any bias or hidden agenda, one would notice that there are definitely numerous irregularities and contradictions in this version and until these are cleared up, then we should definitely have a much more thorough investigation�?

At that moment, not only did I loose respect for him, but I began to feel that he definitely was not the right person to represent the people’s needs, if he was going to “cave in�?to those who have an invested interest to keep their power and attempt to manipulate those of us into always believing the version of reality that they want us to, rather than standing his ground and standing up to these forces of propaganda who refuse to be ACCOUNTABLE to the people.

This was a very depressing moment, just as it was when Dennis Kucinich officially dropped out of the race, and I initially lost interest in this election, just as I always had in most all of the earlier Presidential elections for the past several elections. Also, even though I know many former and recent Hillary Clinton supporters will definitely not like me saying this, but my sources (which both include those “whistle blowers�?here on Earth who have exposed the “skeletons in the closets�?of many of the present and past politicians, as well as my own space contacts, these Higher Elohim beings of Light, the truth is, despite the outer public appearance of supposedly not liking each other because of being in the different political parties, the truth is that the Bush’s (or as they are referred to as, “the Bush Crime Family�? and the Clintons have actually been secretly working together. They are part of the cabal, and they are some of the most corrupt and evil people on the planet. President Bush, Sr. used to take President Clinton out to Mena, AK, to get the latest delivery of cocaine, which was hidden in the nose cones of the CIA planes that landed. and more recently, both Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and both Bill & Hillary Clinton have been attempting to block the important financial steps to activate the newer economic system known as NESARA and officially do away with the old Federal Reserve global banking system. NESARA will financially free all of humanity from any more unnecessary suffering.

Even though I know many who have been Hillary supporters will want to deny this information, I make no apology about what I have uncovered, because it was important to understand much of the “hidden dynamics�?that have been going on these last several months regarding the “bitter�?tug-of-war between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. She actually thought that, “it was a done deal�?that she would ‘win�?the Democratic nomination, because her ‘handlers�?or ‘controllers�?were going to manipulate these earlier primary states votes and she was assured to win the nomination.�?Yes, these powerful members of the cabal have always manipulated both the earlier, initial primary state elections, as well as the final votes that have always been cast for all the past Presidential elections. Yes, “they--these puppet masters�?have always chosen ahead of time who would actually be running for each party’s nomination, while all the ignorant and gullible public for many years believed, in their naiveté that their votes have actually made a difference as well as having been counted accurately.

But this time, there was a “major problem�?that the illuminati had not considered or taken into account--that the Higher Forces would “manipulate their manipulation�?-or to express it another way, “two can play the game�?

I had also recently envisioned a type of “Corruption Scale�? which measures how corrupt different Earth politicians are and/or have been up to now, when they are measured on this “corruption scale�?or “corruption meter�? and when I would intuitively tune-in to where exactly different politicians happen to fall on this scale or meter. The scale is numbered from 1 to 11, with 11, in this case being the most corrupt (and evil) a politician could be, while1 is the least corrupt that a politician could be. It was also very clear that it is literally, normally impossible for an Earth politician to be at the 1 mark, because all politicians have at least a few “skeletons inside their closets�? Most politicians, and this is just an “approximate�? I feel fall anywhere between 6 to 8 on this “corruption scale�? while some who are not quite so “corrupt�?with a lesser number of “skeletons�? would fall a little under 6, and those with more “skeletons�?would be above 8, depending just exactly how corrupt and/or evil, and would determine just how high on this scale they would be. And like the analogy of the “Richter Scale�?that measures the “intensity�?of earthquakes, so too, with this scale, each number that is higher than the last one, actually multiplies, like the “Richter scale�?each time we add on another level of corruption and evil acts, etc., and likewise, the lesser levels or numbers, are many times less, each time, that one goes down on this scale.

It was made clear to me, that Hillary was the cabal’s first choice of who they wanted to “win�?the Presidential race, and McCain (or “McSame�?as I refer to him!) was their second choice. Both Hillary and McCain, with all the numerous things they each have done “behind the scenes�?for many years, are both up around the 10 to 11 level on this scale,

“Behind the scenes�?in a very positive and “miraculous�?way, things were occurring that caused me to suddenly realize something awesome and extraordinary was happening. As well as the partial self
realization—exactly who is Barack Obama. It occurred, very unexpectedly, while I was watching his Acceptance Speech. (By the way, for those who would ask me, where do I feel that both Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul would be on that “corruption scale�? well, from what I tuned into, they would both be about the same level, on a very extremely low level of 1 to 2 on this scale. Obama, I have tuned into, is only slightly above theirs, of around 2 to 3 on this scale, which is still very extremely low as compared with most all of the other politicians that exist on this planet. He has very few “skeletons�?to be discovered, therefore, blackmail will not be the issue that most of the other politicians have up until now.)

I, like so many millions of other “cynical�?citizens, having seen too many of the usual “promise them the moon, sun and stars�?speeches, which are nothing more than empty and false presentations to suck in all the gullible and naive, people with the same old nonsense, with no real intent or plan to make a real difference for us all. Not only here in this country, but ultimately around the world.

So to be perfectly honest, I was not even planning to watch Obama’s acceptance speech because of my extreme bias. But then, I received a very strong telepathic message that they, my Friends Upstairs, wanted me to watch Obama’s speech with an “open mind�? So I thought, okay, I would, since I had learned to listen to and usually follow their “suggestions�? Since these Higher Beings had actually. saved my life numerous times, when the cabal had attempted to literally use “deadly force�?against me (because one of my missions, besides doing my Transformational channeling sessions for other fellow Light Workers, has been to help openly expose government cover-ups), and each time, they had protected me, or I would not still be alive today. So I had learned to follow their ‘suggestions�?

I must say, I had not made up my mind about Obama, of whether he would be any different from any other Earth politicians who have run for office, but I had to admit that this was indeed a most historical moment of a black or African American finally being able to run for President. I still assumed, knowing what I knew about how all past presidential candidates were always chosen “behind the scenes�?by the cabal, rather than by our votes actually measuring how many we had truly voted, this wouldn’t be any different. I assumed that for some reason these “puppet masters�? had changed their minds and had decided to choose Obama rather than Hillary, which was initially confusing because I did not feel that Obama was as corrupt as Hillary, and they usually choose the person because they are subject to corruption and blackmail.

This point was especially confusing, a short time later, as I was watching Obama giving his speech through the medium of television, because I have been able for many years to tune-in and actually see the person’s auric field. This time I really tuned in and it was then that I noticed a couple of very significant things about his energy. One, I could truly see his beautiful golden colored auric field and I also saw intense Light shooting out of his eyes, more and more as he became animated with his speech. It was then, I truly knew that he was, indeed, a very highly evolved soul, a fellow Light Worker, a Star Person or Volunteer in Earth embodiment, from a more advanced world, unlike so many of the numerous earlier politicians who had run for office, and who had so often fooled us with their so-called “magnificent and hopeful sounding rhetoric�? I sensed something of much more “substance�?to his words and Inner Spirit, I realized that others statements about him, who had claimed to have earlier “psychically tuned into him�?supposedly being some kind of negative being who was fooling everyone with his true intent--this is definitely all bunk as well.

But then a few days later, I also sensed that Ashtar had some very important things to share with me, and everyone else, about Obama. He wanted to also “set the record straight�?because of these other totally untrue “negative psychic rumors�?that I now knew for sure had been utter nonsense, obviously made up by negative astral forces determined to influence the Light Workers who were not so attuned as I was.

“Greetings In the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. I want to give more insight into the soul you all know now in this life as Barack Obama, a little about his background, of his soul’s origins, and his Mission for being here as a Volunteer in Earth embodiment, and yes, from a far more evolved world and star system. Though he has lived on many other worlds of our Federation, and also a key member of my Command, the Ashtar Command, and other Commands of the Federation, his true soul’s origins, in fact is originally from my own star system, that of Sirius.

As a fellow Sirian Brother of Light, Obama is a very “old soul�?who has, as I often used the phrase, “been around the Intergalactic block many times�?and as a fellow Elohim, has held a key membership within numerous Higher Councils. As a great Intergalactic Diplomat on our higher levels, he chose to take Earth embodiment this final time, to fulfill his Destiny of becoming the leader of the United States of America, and to do this despite the attempts of the cabal to block his actual candidacy. Though the cabal thought, they would just let him, at first, attempt to win the nomination, but in the end the cabal had intended and planned for Hillary to win, by manipulating the votes, because they knew that she was more likely to be controlled, and they were not sure if he would allow himself to be totally controlled and be just another one of their puppets. In fact, Obama had actually received a far greater number of votes in these earlier primaries, combined, far, far more than the “official tally�? Even with the ‘‘normal amount of the usual�?manipulation of the actual number of votes, because of our neutralizing most of their manipulation, Obama still came out ahead of Hillary’s own number of votes.

I would also like to confirm what this channel heard earlier from us and more than one “alternative Earth source�? There have, in fact already been at least two major attempts by the cabal to assassinate Barack Obama--but we helped block and neutralize each of these attempts. He is very protected from any more attempts that the cabal might try in their desperation, to get rid of him because we sense that he will, in fact (with our help, of course) ultimately expose their conspiracy and all of the many evil things they have gotten away with until now. Also, unlike President Kennedy, who initially had contact with the Federation, he unfortunately had ignored our warning to him about not going to Dallas, Texas that day in �?3, or he would not have been assassinated by the cabal. But Obama will be more alert and not let himself be distracted from our guidance, and he will Awaken to his soul’s original Higher extraterrestrial origins, and in so doing will be a powerful and inspiring leader and diplomat for planet Earth, who will help bring peace to the planet and to help Prepare the population for our First Contact scenario. One of this Channel’s friends had made the comment, that he had perceived Obama as a “black JFK�? who will, once he becomes President, set in motion; all the many things that President Kennedy had planned to do, but was stopped by the cabal. This time, though, they will not be successful, and we will help him usher in a true Golden Age, and these forces of darkness will loss their power and influence.

So we of the Federation want you all to truly tune-in, go within and sense that which I am sharing with all of you. Not only is Obama the better choice for President of the United States of America, partly because of his Inner strength of character at this challenging and epic time of human history, it is, in fact his Destiny and his Mission to fulfill this for not only those of you living here in the U.S., but it is also how he will influence and help transform this planet, politically and spiritually, as his wisdom and love for all humanity shines forth and is a healing force for the challenges that have to be faced. And with our help, we of the Federation of Light look forward to meeting openly with him, and all of you, in these next few years, as First Contact finally takes place, as well as NESARA finally is officially activated. Blessings to you all, and as usual, “keep your Eyes on the Skies�? as more and more off our ships are sighted, on a mass level, as Preparation for this most wondrous and glorious event takes place. Adonai Vassu Berogus!�?BR>
Michael: I must say, this was a most interesting and insightful communication from Ashtar, and it helped to clear up some of my own confusion, questions and concerns (and also why Obama appeared to have “wobbled�?a little on a few of his initial positions, to actually fool the power elite [such as those at that Bilderberg meeting he met with a few months ago with Hillary] into thinking that he could be controlled like most Earth politicians), and I have much more clear understanding of what has been going on for the last year or so, as Obama had been gaining more real momentum (of “Destiny�?. In fact, I also got an impression, kind of like the analogy of a football game, when the ball has been thrown, and the quarterback “catches that real ball of Destiny�? he has others who block and take the blunt and focus of the play, initially [Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul], of the other team, while he has secretly chosen a path past the oncoming team members, and with certain strategy, he is able to dodge and run around this interference to his goal. Also, Ashtar once did a powerful Channeling, which he titled “The Cosmic Sting�? which was a reference to that movie, “The Sting�? and how the Higher Forces were initiating certain procedures and strategies, which like in the more mundane example of the theme of the movie, so, too, our Friends Upstairs, have been setting up “behind the scenes�?some powerful strategies to now overcome the power and influence of the cabal. It appears that Barack Obama, on what Archangel Michael once labeled those of us termed Star People, or Volunteers in Earth embodiment, we who he refers to as on “Cosmic Spiritual Espionage
Missions of Light�?and who are “Secret Agents of God�? as with Obama, are truly are about to all fulfill our missions, and soon, we will all be experiencing some long over due, “Cosmic R. & R.�?I will be channeling and sharing other “Intergalactic Commentaries�?from our Friends Upstairs as I receive them (This one was much longer than normal, only because of the significance and implications of this most historical occasion). For those who have not had a chance to visit my web site, go to The previous “Commentaries�?are also archived on my web site in the ‘Channeled Material�?section. I was originally trained through the “Edgar Cayce�?method of Channeling, but then in 1979, I was physically taken on board a Merkabah Light Ship of the Ashtar Command/Federation (This was my second visit), and in the presence of these Higher Dimensional Elohim E.T.’s,) I have been “Cosmically Activated�?to do my Transformational Channeling sessions that help fellow Light Workers to fulfill one’s mission and purpose for being here on Earth. I do these very Empowering sessions either in person or over the phone. Also, I Am about to publish my first book within the next couple months, which will help to Prepare humanity on a mass level for the upcoming planetary Divine Intervention. Those wishing to order a copy of the book, either as an E-Book or to obtain a paperback copy, please visit my web site.

CONFIRMATIONS FROM OTHER SOURCES!!!! Within the last few weeks since I received this Channeling about Obama, I have received MANY other confirmations from other sources: One of my friends, named Patrick, who belongs to a Channeling group in the Los Angeles area, told me that a few weeks ago, when he attended that Channeling session, and Ashtar and other fellow Cosmic Beings of light who also were Channeling through this other Channel, and they also shared very similar things about Obama. They also stated that Obama just recently, within the last two or three months, had experienced a “Walk-In�?or “Soul Mergence�? of another very powerful Cosmic Being of Light Merging with his original soul, to help strengthen him on his Mission, and of the assassination attempts--and of how spiritually protected he was from being killed. Another friend, told me that she had read a Channeling in the Sedona Journal publication over a year ago that stated that the next President of the U.S. would be a very highly spiritually evolved Being of Light (and would definitely be a man--which is significant also, considering the timing and of Hillary Clinton having attempted to run). And then, Marsha, the editor of my own book I am about to publish, who is finishing up her work on the final edit (and my book should hopefully be published within the next few weeks), told me that she remembered a very significant statement from Ruth Montgomery. She was famous for having first presented the concept of “Walk-Ins�? to the Earth, in her two books, “Strangers Among Us�?& “Aliens Among Us�? that Ruth’s Spiritual Guides had specifically Channeled thru her (back in the early �?0’s) that the man who would be elected President in the last election right before 2012 (which would, of course, be this election of �?8 coming right up!) would definitely be a “Walk-In�? And another apparent confirmation, came from another friend who told me that David Wilcock, who is supposed to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, and who is also a very gifted psychic in this lifetime, had Channeled over a year ago that he also saw that the next President would be a man and would be very highly spiritually evolved and would be able to help spiritually guide this planet into the upcoming Golden Age.

All of these numerous more recent confirmations of Obama’s true intent (and Higher Cosmic identity, origins and very important “behind-the-scenes�?significance of his Mission), does make something very clear to me. That despite my and perhaps literally millions of fellow citizens and Light Workers who have grown quite weary and turned off by the “business as usual�?agenda of those of most Earth politicians who have claimed ahead of time that they would really manifest “CHANGE�?for the better, and yet never did do very many of the things they promised before hand, usually because they were the “hand-picked political puppets�?for the power elite, or the very few who actually sincerely wanted to change things for the better, but were threatened into becoming another Puppet once they got into office. Or the fact that since President Kennedy, all of the Presidential elections have always been manipulated by the cabal, not only the final “choice�?of who “won�? but even all the Primaries before hand were also always manipulated to have their choice for either major party. But this time, we have definite help from off the planet by Higher Cosmic Forces of Light-and it is obvious to me that Obama is truly a fellow Cosmic Master of Light presently in Earth embodiment, who is not only truly representing we, the people of the U.S., as well as the Higher Councils and Universal Federation of Light--if we, the citizens, will do our “Constitutional duty�?& Responsibility, THIS TIME, and will go out to VOTE, despite what has happened up until now with the cabal always having manipulated our votes, this time, we DO HAVE A CHANCE TO TRULY TURN THINGS AROUND! Please go to my web site, and read the numerous other Confirmations about Obama, in the “Channeled Material�?section.

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