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1. There will be no bashing of this or other sites. We respect ALL paths and there will be no bashing of any religious groups or anyones spiritual path. We do not tolorate any religious dogma of any type! Such actions will result in cancellation of membership. This also applies to the chatroom.

2. There will be no bashing, bothering or stalking of any of the sites members. Please refrain from discussing others in a negative manner in chat, whether this site or another. We are not here to judge or criticize. We are here to teach love and oneness. This also goes for the chatroom!

3.Please keep all pictures, signature tags, and posts to a general audience level.

4.  There will be absolutely NO advertising of other sites without the express permission of the managers. Any advertisements posted that were not authorized will be automatically deleted... and there will be no emailing the sites members without the managers permission.

7. No SPAM will be tolorated and will lead to you being banned!.

8.These rules are subject to change at any time, provided the management team feels the need to change them. Any problems with these rules should be taken to the managers of the site.

9.No recruiting members for your group if you are a group manager. This will lead to being banned.

10. No Email posting due to viruses.

11. Sexual topics are not tolorated in chat or on the boards. We are here to learn,share and help one another on our spiritual journey and this is not a dating service.
12. Please remove your email address from your member profile as it can be used to hack into the site & to prevent someone you don't want contact with from contacting you.
13. Do not take posts from this site without asking permission from the author! This can result in your being banned. 

I agree to "hold harmless" all Management associated with David St. Clair sites and from any and all liabilities or damages arising from my participation DSC groups. In other words, I will not make any legal claims related to the these parties both for known and unknown claims or damages. I understand that this "Hold Harmless Agreement" is a release of liability and that in this I am also fully aware that any illegal actions that I am responsible for or partake in will be reported to the proper authorities and falls under the this "Hold Harmless Agreement". I further understand that all readings offered on our sites are for the purposes of entertainment only! 

You must be 18 years old to attend our classes, teachings, chats or to obtain readings!

Thank you!

DSC management Team