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Godz & Goddesses : Today's Goddess: Saules Mate
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From: MSN NicknameTipsyCad147  (Original Message)Sent: 6/25/2007 6:52 AM
Today's Goddess:  Saules Mate
Midsummer (Various Locations)
Themes:  Sun: Prayer; Protection
Symbols:  Sun: Fire; Yellow/Gold or Red Items; Horses; Birch
About Saules Mate:  Saules Mate comes to us from Indo-European tradition, her name meaning, "sun."  Indeed, with the sun reaching its highest point today, she becomes the center of our festivities.  Saules Mate crosses the sky during the day in a carriage drawn by yellow horses, then travels the waters by night in a golden birch boat, hanging a red scarf in the wind to give the sky its lovely color.
To Do Today:  In magic traditions, we stop for a moment on this day to mark the sun's halfway point through its annual journey.  Traditionally, this is a time to harvest magical herbs, but do so before Saules Mate gets too bright in the sky; her heat diminishes the natural oils in the herbs.  Remember to leave an offering for the goddess so she will empower these herbs--perhaps some ground birchwood that acts as plant mulch!
Purify yourself by jumping the ritual fire (or a candle) today, then burn a wish in Saules Mate's fires to release it into her care.  And use this invocation to Saules Mate for part of personal magic today (for the southern quarter of the magic circle):
Powers of the fire, reach ever higher.
Saules Mate, bring your light; the power ignite.
Salamanders prance in the magical dance,
By your power and my will, this sacred space fill!
By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"  and GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

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