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Godz & Goddesses : Today's Goddess: Bon Dammes
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From: MSN NicknameTipsyCad147  (Original Message)Sent: 9/3/2007 9:16 AM
Today's Goddess:  Bon Dammes
Summer Holiday (United Kingdom)
Themes:  Rest; Pleasure; Fairies; Playfulness; Youthfulness
Symbols:  Any Fairy Plants (Foxglove, Primrose, Oak, Thorn, Ash)
About the Bon Dammes:  The Bon Dammes are devic Goddesses in Brittany that appear much like fairies and often act with as much impishness.  Having a kindly nature, the Bon Dammes inspire playful, youthful outlooks to take with us into early fall with childlike wonder in our hearts.
To Do Today:  Follow the custom of all regions in the United Kingdom (except Scotland) and take a day off today.  Enjoy family outings and a little leisure before the warm weather really starts to fade.  Sleep in a bit, ask for a few hours off from work, get outside and play with the Bon Dammes.  Leave them gifts of sparkling stones, honey, and sweet bread beneath any flower or tree that captures your eye and makes you smile.  In return, the Bon Dammes will make sure your day is filled with pleasurable surprises.
Think about an activity you really enjoyed as a kid, and recapture that moment sometime today.  Jump down a hopscotch board, play tag with the wind, climb a tree (carefully, please), pick buttercups, go berry picking, skinny-dip in a stream, or do whatever re-inspires the Bon Dammes's youthfulness in your heart.  You'll find that this moment refreshes your entire outlook and provides extra energy for the days ahead.
By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"  and GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

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