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Godz & Goddesses : Gaia
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From: MSN NicknameTipsyCad147  (Original Message)Sent: 5/8/2008 5:44 AM

Gaia's message for ALL OF US at this time is, "allow time for introspection, contemplation and developing wisdom". And her message for us as goddess sisters, is that she connects us to the universal source of 'mothering' and 'nurturing', leading us to a feeling of profound peace and balance.


  • Peace


  • Green calcite, amber, jet, black tourmaline, geodes to activate the heart chakra, the chakra that rules the life aspect of love.


  •  Goddess-ence Kwan Yin* blend for the heart chakra


  • Wherever I go, I am loved
  • There is purity in the quiet touch
  • Love is eternal and ever-lasting
  • Love flows into my life like a river
  • I stand in complete satisfaction
  • I embrace life in its absolute fullness
  • I'm calm and centred, now and always
  • I am allowed to stop and appreciate the quiet

Her Story

The Romans believed every element in the universe, whether on land, in the sea or sky, was a single living entity of Gaia, the primordial Great Mother. More than any other goddess, Gaia is identified as the divine and animate Earth Mother.

She is the living, conscious planet who provides sustenance and nutrition and the wisdom inherent in the earth itself. Her values are rooted in the sacredness of all life, whether it be plant, animal or the stars in the sky - respect for others is paramount if we are to attain the deep sense of balance and completeness that a connection with Gaia brings.

Her Modern Energy

Gaia's nurturing mother love requires no faith - the simple awareness and appreciation of her wondrous manifestation in everything we see around us is enough to enfold us into her energy.

Do This

It is simple to reconnect with Gaia - try some of these activities to feel her nurturing energy empower you through your physical connection with her:

  • connect with other goddess mothers,
  • spread your arms out wide to embrace a breeze,
  • turn your face to the sun to be warmed with her love,
  • walk barefoot on the earth, the sand, in water, on grass,
  • really taste your food, eat it consciously and with gratitude,
  • breathe through your nose and be aware of the array of smells around you,
  • hold a baby and let yourself wonder at the miracle of life,
  • lie down on some grass and listen to the industrious ants and creatures go about their daily chores for survival, feel the rhythm of Gaia's heart-beat synchronise with your own,
  • plant your feet into earth and feel her essence charge you with love, peace and a profound sense of balance and centredness.

Love and delight
Anita Revel

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