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Godz & Goddesses : Galactic Recordings
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 Message 1 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamewhirlwindZ1  (Original Message)Sent: 9/21/2006 4:17 AM
From: THE EARTHWATCHER  (Original Message) Sent: 3/23/2003 3:54 PM
we are all on a spiritual journey we each have a part to play people of all religions and beliefs ar now talking together this is the way it used to be however within each religion and belief there are fears these fears we call the human condition, the thing to remember is that there are some fundemental truths for example we all percieve the same thing in our own way , if you put a coloured cube in the middle of a table and put 4 people one at each side ask the first what do you see? they will say a yellow cube person two will say no its a blue cube person three will say its a green cube etc but only by standing up and communicating properly will any one see that it is all of those things but the human condition keeps us looking at one side and not allowing the other people to speak .

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Recommend  Message 2 of 11 in Discussion 
From: grasshopper Sent: 3/28/2003 1:15 PM
How then do we go about communciating in such a way? Is it through suspending one's beliefs to hear the other person's thoughts first?

Recommend  Message 3 of 11 in Discussion 
From: <NOBR>MSN NicknameEerie7</NOBR> Sent: 5/2/2003 10:41 PM
Hi grasshopper,
Maybe that is necessary, that we suspend our belief system and listen to what the others say and perhaps come to a compromise, tho in Religion
I honestly feel that reeks of "Mission Impossible!"  lol...

Recommend  Message 4 of 11 in Discussion 
From: <NOBR>MSN NicknameGalacticRecorder</NOBR> Sent: 5/5/2003 5:40 AM
Maybe it is about seeing things multidimentionally.
First there is the point.  1D
Then there is the line   2D
Then there is the shape  3D
and so on.....
I am reminded of Stephen Hawkin's description of a two dimensional dog in a three dimensional world. 
Within the human conditioning that we have all been sujected to, other peoples' patterns of what is right, how to behave etc., have been forced upon us.  It takes a long time to become open enough, brave enough to start cutting away at illusion to find your "own truth".  Who and what you are, why we exist at all.  It is the journey we are on, to find this out. 
I can say that for me, there was a time when all I wanted to do was to make sure that others got the point.
And then I started to see the line, but I had not always drawn the line, often through conditioning or inaction I had allowed others to draw it for me.
But the line was there, very close, very constricting, drawn thick and solid. Reinforced with every word that another had thrown in my direction to keep me well and truly in my place. Each and everyone had put me exactly where they wanted me to be.  And I had stayed there, bound, physically and mentally exhausted trying to live in their perseption of me.
I was very lucky to have had some good teachers, liberators of my narrow restrictions.  I bless them, and move beyond them.  As they said I would.
Within this group, I feel the movement beyond restrictions, I see bit of human conditioning coming up... like mine in my early post,,, and I learn.
You are teachers, all of you, and I have asked for you for so long.

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 Message 2 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamewhirlwindZ1Sent: 9/21/2006 4:18 AM
From: grasshopper Sent: 5/5/2003 7:42 AM
There's always something to learn from everyone else........
Though i think eerie is right on the religion part! It is very fustrating when you try to reason with them the alternative viewpoints in life.
No matter what you say, they just seem to counter it from their all-powerful dogma.
"But god says............"
"It can't be so because god says so"
" You must have complete faith in god(read external god)"
"chapter *** , verse ** says you can't do that"
" It is wrong to do that! why? Because god says so!"
I have learnt my lessons and just shut up or change topics when the canned responses starts coming in from some of my peers.
It can be tempting to argue back, but does no good for them or me anyway. The energy is better spent on discovering our own mental restrictions and expanding them.
No problem with that, we all have incarnations that are religious fanatics, as whirlwind would put it!

Recommend  Message 7 of 11 in Discussion 
From: <NOBR>MSN NicknameGalacticRecorder</NOBR> Sent: 5/5/2003 7:55 AM
We have concordance here.
No point in feeling anger or frustration, because others will only see when they open their own eyes....  forcing them open never works.
I don't see all the sides... I still have so much to learn... sometimes I totally exclude something from my thinking only to have it come back to me later when I am more open to it.
Wise words for my own contemplation in this are:
Listen much
Speak little
Consider everything

Recommend  Message 8 of 11 in Discussion 
From: <NOBR>MSN NicknamewhirlwindZ1</NOBR> Sent: 5/5/2003 7:56 PM
Listen much
Speak little
Consider everything
Yup, methinkZ that'Z the ticket GALACTIC RECORDER.
Walk softly.....
and carry a big, FAT, mystical Stick!
TheZe are exiciting and promising timeZ and somewhat treacherous
oneZ as well. Those in power ("The" Church) will not willingly
relinquish the throne
of OUR SOULZ!  ThoZe in power never relinquish POWER!
Now here'Z the MAGERY!!
Who'Z in power?!? Who will NOT RELINQUISH THE
 We are THE POWER AND THE GLORY! So saith The Christ
and the UPANISHADS and thatZ good enough for whirly!
We alwayZ have been and alwayZ will be The Power and The
Glory. WE are the WizardZ behind
the curtain of Oz. The smoke and mirrorZ (eg. Dogma, The Press,
tell-a-viZionZ, yaddah, yaddah) are trickZ 2 hide THAT Fact!
With a wave of one'Z hand Babylon'Z chainZ melt upon
realizing and
PRACTICING the Truth of Our OMNIPOTENCE in the
tone of LOVE!

Recommend  Message 9 of 11 in Discussion 
From: <NOBR>MSN NicknameEerie7</NOBR> Sent: 5/5/2003 8:42 PM
Durn right, all of you! 
I remember giving my Grandchildren lil gifts of books from E.R.E.
{Edgar Cayce} small books for children, but my Catholic Daughter-in-law would burn them, Probably sprinkled some "Holy Water" on them before the fire...
So, I respected her wishes, as one must learn to be a good Mother-in-law! I quit wasting money on books to be burned, but as the oldest one would bring her boyfriends over, I would discuss the things that the Soul hungers for with the eager boyfriends, as my Grandchildren listened, absorbed, and learned...and the cycle repeated itself. Patience brings rewards...
Now, I think I have won the battle. The Pope may have their brains, but I have opened their minds.... They come to me for most everything, Astrology charts, reading their dreams, ESP, and ect.

Recommend  Message 10 of 11 in Discussion 
From: <NOBR>MSN NicknameGalacticRecorder</NOBR> Sent: 5/5/2003 10:01 PM
I remember finding  Edgar Cayce books and writing to a friend about them in April 1990.
"Anyway, I have been making a study of the life and work of Edgar Casey. It is incredible, so much that is revealed follows the line of my own reasoning & conclusions & it is like when I read Jung last year that sense of concordance. I am trying to get a keeping copy of the book, since this one comes from  C library courtesy of E.........and I go on about finding the other books.... and end...
This incarnation may not be my last. There may be past karma to be worked out &/or developed & this earth sitn. may not be suitable for it yet.
What a rem statement for my mind to pick up and read 13 years later, and wonder what happened in the fallow years.
I did not know there books for children by Cayce.
All book burning is only fear, fear of the knowledge getting into the public domain, by those who want to keep the power over others. Fortunately the public has access to all knowledge now on the internet and there is no stopping us now.

 Message 3 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamewhirlwindZ1Sent: 9/21/2006 4:20 AM
From: <NOBR>MSN NicknameEerie7</NOBR> Sent: 5/6/2003 12:00 AM
  Hi Galactic Recorder,
You caught me off guard there, so I went prowling to find what wasn't 'burned'. My dear Daughter -in -law was sincere, as she wanted to become a nun before she met and fell 'head over heels' with my Son! It was a natural thing for her to protect her children from me- who had a skull on a shelf in my bookcase, and books with covers that said "Occult" in huge letters behind candles and insense burners. We have been close, for many years as long as Religion didn't rear it's head. I kept silent of what I knew and practiced anyway, as the subject was 'off limits' after the first fire- when I blew up at my poor Son- who was in the middle of two women! Poor guy. That is the 'real' rock and a hard We are very close now, since he died last year. I feel he is glad we get along so well.
The small booklets I still have are "The Vision and the Promise",
a story of the childhood and youth of Edgar Cayce-38 pages, and geared towards children. "Marriage and the Home",
based on The Edgar Cayce Readings-71 pages. A book geared more for teens, both by ARE Press, former printed in 1971-latter in 1973.
I was in an Edgar Cayce Group, and bought them -$1.50 each.
The leaders also offered some other children materials, very good, that I would read to them while I babysat. They were by Lou Austin -a series of "the little Me and the Great Me" books, "Why and how I was born", a neat lil book about 45 pages telling how as Soul they chose their Parents and the Parents chose them to be part of the family. Last, "My Secret Power" -a more meaningful version of Cinderella -by Lou Austin, part of the whole 'little and big me' series. They were $1.00 each, and I know some adults that could now benefit from this
They were published in 1957,1960, and 1963.
I also found "The Secret of the Golden Flower", A Chinese book of life. Translated and explained by Richard Wilhelm, with a commentary by C.G. Jung. This was first published in USA-1931, and revised in 1962. It is a very good book, very informative on the Hui Ming Ching, the I Ching, and drawings of the Mandelas. Just imagine, it only cost $2.35 then. Jung saw it as a link between the insights of the East, and his own pschological research. It was published by Harvest Books.
My cousin taught English and German at Tulane University in New Orleans, and he introduced me to Edgar Cayce by giving me a great many books from his own collection. At last, I had someone to talk the "Language" of believers to. This was after a NDE, while I recouped at home with my parents. It was an instantanious love for Cayce. Alas, many of my Cayce books were lent out and never found their way home!
I keep meaning to visit a friend who lives there in Virginia Beach. I haven't spoken to her for a while, but she complained a few years ago that it was all so commercial now, that she could no longer 'feel' the great vibes present there when she arrived 10 years ago.
Thanks for bringing back nice memories to me Galactic Recorder. I hope I didn't bore the rest of the group....