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Godz & Goddesses : Anubis
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From: MSN NicknameTipsyCad147  (Original Message)Sent: 11/22/2006 2:29 PM
Judge of the Dead
Pantheon: Egyptian
Element: Earth
Sphere of Influence: Judgement and Death
Preferred colors: Green, Black
Associated symbol: Black Jackal, Number 9
Animals associated with: Jackal , Dog
Best day to work with: Wednesday
Strongest around Samhain
Suitable offerings: Green Feldspar
Associated Planet: Mercury
The souls of the dead are protected on their journey to the halls of judgement by Anubis, son of Osiris and Nepthys. He is the guardian of cemeteries and sacred places.

Additional Information on Anubis from Wikipedia

Information is unedited and unchecked

Anubis, whose hieroglyphic name more closely translates as Anpu, is the Ancient Egypt|Ancient Egyptian God of death and dying, and sometimes God of the Underworld. His mother is Hesat or Bastet with an unknown father, or Nephthys, and his father is variously said to be Set (god)|Set, Ra or Osiris. His daughter is Qeb-hwt, also known as Kebechet. In later times, Anubis was combined with the Greek mythology|Greek god Hermes to form Hermanubis.
The center of his cult was in Cynopolis.

He has the head of a jackal or some other kind of dog, and the jackal is his symbol. The jackal imagery is related to
Anubis role among the Deities of Egypt, as the jackal is a scavenger and is strongly associated with death and dying. He was also know as the Guardian of the Dead. In art, he is depicted as a man with a canine head and alert ears, often wearing a ribbon and wielding a whip (implement)|whip.

Anubis was originally the lord of the underworld, however following the rise of the cult of Osiris he becomes the gatekeeper. In the Horus story he stands down his position out of respect for Osiris in order to allow him to take over.

Anubis role as gate keeper was primarily that of either holding or watching the scales with which the souls of the dead were weighted against the feather of Maat. If the soul was as light as the feather, Anubis led the soul to Osiris; otherwise, it was fed to Ammit.

In his embalming role,
Anubis is known as Imy-ut ("he who is in the place where embalming occurs"). He guards the physical remains of bodies, as well as the tombs and necropoli.

Worship of
Anubis is likely older even than that of Osiris. The Unas text (line 70) associates him with the Eye of Horus. In the Book of the Dead, he embalms the body of Osiris, wraps it in linens made by Isis and Nepthys, and protects the body by laying his bare hands on it.

Anubis is closely related to Ap-uat, another god whose symbol is the jackal, and who for many years was thought to be just another name for Anubis.

In Book xi of The Golden Ass by Apuleius, we find evidence that the worship of
Anubis was maintained in Rome at least up to the 2nd century.

Anubis is worshiped today by some Neopaganism|Neopagans.

Alternative: Ienpw, Anpu, Yinepu, Imy-ut

Papio anubis is the scientific name for the savannah baboon. The name is taken from
Anubis because the baboon is commonly thought of as dog-headed.

==See also==
*Egyptian mythology
*Neil Gaiman|Neil Gaimans novel American Gods, where Anubis appears as Mr. Jaquel

==External link==
*Some information in this article was taken from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism website at

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