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Godz & Goddesses : Daily Pagan Devotionals:- Today's Deity - Thoth
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From: MSN NicknameTipsyCad147  (Original Message)Sent: 12/22/2006 7:49 AM
Daily Pagan Devotionals:- Today's Deity - Thoth
from Terri Paajanen
Though I don't work particularly with Egyptian deities, I've always found them very interesting. Thoth is my personal favourite. This is just a brief snapshot of this God, not a full biography.
The God Thoth is usually shown with the head of an ibis (a crane-like bird), or sometimes as a baboon with a dog's head. His other names are Tehuti, Sheps, or Dhouti.

Thoth is the 'scribe of the Gods' and He rules over language and writing, mathematics, engineering, literature, astronomy and other similar disciplines. He is closely related to his wife Seshat. It was She who invented writing, but Thoth was the one who brought the knowledge to mankind.

Thoth is also involved in the judging of souls in the underworld. He manned the scale where a soul was measured against the feather of Ma'at. As the divine scribe, he also recorded the judgment.

Thoth is said to be the original composer of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Blessed Be! <>

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